Jughead Zone Honorary Mention Awards


These are Special Awards without a link from Kelly with the Yard & Swing, & Angie & Leonora & Lynn Given & Morgan & Lauren & Amazing Annie & Pure Country Pam & Kelly with the scenery and Jenrose with the Rose on it, who used to have websites & did a great guestbook signature for me which is in my Jughead Zone Guestbook or Jughead Zone Guestbook Archive. Their Awards have this special honored place on my website & Jughead will always honor them with his heart


Kelly Awards Jughead for a Super Web Site with Congratulations


Angie Awards Jughead the Great Site Award for a Remarkable Job & Great Time He Put Into it



Lenora Awarded Jughead the Treasure Chest Award for his Site being a big Super Treasure


Lynn Givens Awarded Jughead For the Hard Work & Effort in the Creation of His Website


Morgan Awards Jughead The Chocolate Chip Cookie Award for

a great treat of a site to see


Lauren Awards Jughead for Wonderful Web Pages with Flying Colors



Anne Awarded Jughead The Amazing Site for a super great visit to his site.



Pam gave Jughead The Pure Country Award for Super Great Site


Kelly Awards Jughead The Excellence Award for Looking at a Site that was of Super Interest to her.



Jennifer Awards Jughead the Rose Award for Super Great Sites on his Web Page




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