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My Brother Arthur Kleiner wrote these books. Besides being my brother he is a part time teacher at New York University and a ghost writer of many stories, plus a writer on his own computer at his own home of many articles. If your wish to purchase these books of his please click on the image below.

 Age of Heritics is a history of the social movement to change large mainstream corporations for the better.  The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook is about Strategies and tools for building and learning.  The Dance of Change is about communities and learning organizations who want to increase their ability

Laura Lemay is an author of many types of computer books. In all her learning and educational books she wrote she knows how to explain things very clearly.This area is dedicated to her and I thank her alot with all my heart for the book she did which taught me most of what I know about HTML. If you wish to purchase any of Laura Lemays Books I chose please click on the images below:

 Book is about Learning all about how to use HTML tags with Laura Lemays very own system.  Book is about how to design websites for business or commercial usage told in Laura Lemays own way.  Book is about how to use Netscape Editor that comes with Netscape Navigator Gold 3 CD in Laura Lemays own words.

Other Jughead Zone Amazon Books

If you wish to purchase these 28 top choices Jughead made, please click on the images below:

 This Boys Life is a book by Tobiass Wolff of his memoirs that happened during most of his young teenage life during the fifties and early sixties.  This Book, Listening In written by Edward R Murrow is about old radio shows people used to listen to for entertainment before TV was invented  Total Television by Alex McNeil is about TV shows from 1946 to present in total detailed descriptions  Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows is about all game shows from the forties to present told by Mr. Gameshow himself who was on Game Show Network Fred Westbrook Positively Connecticut is a book by author Diane Smith whom I met in person who signed this book when I bought it. It has selected stories that Diane Smith conducted with people in the state of Connecticut. Problem Solving and Program Design in C is about Algorithms and how to write C programs and how to compile them and run the program after its compiled.  How to win friends and Influence People is a book by Dale Carnegie about how to socialize and how to work at making friends with other people.
The Directory of TV shows is about  TV shows from 1946 to today with descriptions of information about sitcoms and other TV shows in their own words by authors Tim Brooks.  The Wonderful World of Disney Television is a book about  all TV shows related to what Walt Disney has worked on  and about all Disney Movies and Disney TV shows. The Art of Walt Disney is about his history and how he created Mickey Mouse and his other characters and stories and movies plus how his theme parks got his idea and how he passed his writing formula to his working staff.  This is the story about Bill Gates the founder and President of Microsoft how he started his way from writing programs while a high school and college student and how he worked his way up the ladder to Microsoft. Body for life is a book by Bill Phillips in his own words about proper nutrition for your body and how and what type of exercises a person should do in the gym to stay fit and stay alive in a super very healthy way. Comedy Writing Step By Step written by Gene Perret and Carol Burnett is about how to write comedy in how to make it best as possible to make other people laugh in the humor and how to get comedy ideas in becoming a big tim comedianne. Real Boys written by William Pollack is a non fiction story about what growing up is like in all boys lives and how its not 24 hours of just fun and games but hard work and earnings to become  a man.
Prince Charming is about the story about John F. Kennedy Junior from the time in the Oval Office at the white house and his life with his mother and sister and relationship and marriage to Caroline Bessette and everything  up to the airplane tragedy. Young Kennedys is about the grandchildren of Joseph and Rose Kennedy of all their personal stories of what work they did and other things they did in their life. It tells things about JFK and Jackies children Robert and Ethel Kennedys children and children of the other siblings. The American Drive In Movie Theater Book is about the story of how people back in the fifties and sixties used to go on dates or family outings to a Drive In Movie theater and see movies directly from the seats of the cars and the entertaining concession stand that had a special kind of way they served their sodas and special intermission entertainment. Carhops and Curb Service is about old time Drive In Restaurants where a girl on skates goes to your car, takes your order of hamburgers, fries, vanilla or chocolate shakes or Coke or any soda and brings your order right to you. Plus how mostly carhops are happy to bring dates food they share. And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver is about actor Jerry Mathers and his life in the TV series Leave It To Beaver playing Theodore or Beaver Cleaver of his life with brother Wally and parents Ward and June Cleaver and things that happened with Larry Mondello and troubles with Eddie Haskell. In search of Donna Reed is about her life from her childhood in Iowa to playing Mary Bailey in the movie Its a Wonderful life to doing the Donna Reed show about Donna Alex Mary and Jeff Stone plus later the girl they adopted Tricia Stone, and how she made it through the years starring the role of wife of a pediatrician & mother of two. TV Mania is about history of Televisinofrom when it first came out in 1945 of many sitcoms and game shows and the commercials planned for advertising and how television changed in the years from the fifties decade to the sixties and seventies and eighties and how cable TV and other satellite TV came and how VCR's came about and premium  pay movie channels.
TV Sets is about history of different types of Television Sets that people bought in all the years from Black & White to Color like RCA's and what kinds of sitcoms and TV shows different people watched.  A Walk in the Woods is about the famous Appalachian Trail that goes from Maine to Virginia which does go by other trails at Bear Mountain Park alongside the Long Path and other hiking trails. Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World is about things in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center and Disney MGM Studios where they now film some Disney movies and the Disney Animal Kingdom. It descibes all the rides and attractions at all of the Disney theme parks of the whole Walt Disney World. The Essential Little Cruise Book is about a Cruise Directors guide to what activities you should do on the ship and things the cruise director does in relating to passengers and how the passengers preplan their whole cruise vacation trip. A Singles Guide to Cruise Vacations is about what to do on a cruise ship when traveling along & how to meet othere single passengers in dining and some planned cruise activities and how to mingle with many other passengers on the cruise ship. Traveling Solo is about what you are to do when you take a vacation trip all on your own with nobody else to check with or tell where you are going what you are doing and whom you are meeting. It suggests what places to go to and how to meet many people when traveling solo. The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America is about small towns across the United States of America with affordable and all types of social communities where most people get to know most other people including at the towns general stores and about how small town community activities are formed.


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