Jughead Zone Scholastic Awards


Wendy Awarded Jughead for Excellent things on This Web Page



Debbie gave Jughead this award for a page that was very excellent


Cyndie Awarded this to Jughead for a very enjoyable visit



 Southwind Awards Jughead The Yellow Rose for an enjoyable visit & Home Page Excellence


Jan Awards Jughead the Sheer Perfection Award for The Hard Work in the Creation of His Website



Marie Awarded Jughead Excellence for her enjoyable visit to his site.




Bec Awarded Jughead The Star Award for Great Ideas on His Page



Kate Awards Jughead For a Cool Page with a lot of Effort Put into it




Sarah Awards Jughead for an enjoyable visit to a cool Website



Kim Awards Jughead the Card Award for an excellent visit to his Website


  Diane Awards Jughead The Excellent Site Award for doing a super good job on the work he put into his website.


Vicki Awards Jughead The Webmaster Award for the time hard work and effort he has put into his website.

Cheryl Page Awards Jughead This Five Star Award for Great Design & Website Excellence




Linda or Seattle Mom Awards Jughead The Gold Award for the time he put into working on his Website.



Rose Awards Jughead The Bronze Mouse Award for the Time & Effort he put into his Website




Rachel Gave Jughead The Internet Safety Award for a Site that is safe for all to see



Donnie Awards Jughead Best of the Net Award for great HTML Design





Cyberscans INC Awarded Jughead the Cyberscans Award for an Excellent Website & Five Stars.


Connie gave Jughead a Double Award for a Super Good Site to visit & very creative designing ideas on His Web Site






Debbie Gives Jughead This Double Award for the effort & being a creative person with his Website



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