Jughead Zone Novelty Awards


Online Plastics INC Awarded Jughead The Blue Jay Award for Surfing by surprise to its site



Noelle gave Jughead this Thank You Award for helping her with the support of her site.



Felicia Awards Jughead the Heart Award for effort of the designing of his website from the heart



Sunshine Awards Jughead the Cool Site Award for a super great visit that to the web site that she enjoyed


Kit gave Jughead this Purrfect Award for hard work & effort


Amy liked my Jughead Zone Web Page a lot with Flying Colors




Xinlei Awards Jughead the Angel Award for the hard work he did at his Website 



Stephanie Awards Jughead the Bear Award for an enjoyable visit to his homepage.



Donna Awards Jughead the Beary Nice Site Award for the enjoyment of his website



Connie Awards Jughead The Beautiful Site Award for a page that was nicely done.



Rose Awards Jughead The Seal of Approval Award for the super great work he did on his pages.



Cheryl Trowbridge Awards Jughead The Great Page Award for the Hard Work & Effort he put into on his Website


Mike & Jill Award Jughead the top beanie Award for a super great top page they saw


Heather Awards Jughead the Award of Excellence for doing a great job on his Web Page.


DeWanna Awarded Jughead for a site she treasured very very much

VL Awards Jughead The Safe Place Award for a great safe Web Surfing Place


Ann Awards Jughead the Flash Award for keeping up the good work on his site.





Sharon Awards Jughead The Award of Excellence For Keeping Up the Great Work on His Website



Tammy Awards Jughead The Cats Meow Award For Super Creativity & Style that he did on his Website



Jennifer Awards Jughead this Cool Page Award for putting a lot of skill & effort into in his great site that she liked. 


*B Jenn's Cool Page Award *b
~ * ~ * ~ * You Have A Excelent Page!! * ~ * ~ *



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