Jughead Zone Treasure of Value Awards

Missouri Angel or Angle Gave Jughead the Great Site Award for alot of interesting things she found there and the great work too.


Crystal Awards Jughead her Cool site award for the Effort in what he wrote and the way he wrote about many interesting things on his website

Sheila Awards Jughead the Outstanding Homepage Award for the super hard work and effort in making his webpages look super great

Robin Awards Jughead The Excellent Site Rose Award for A Super Interesting Site She Surfed Through

Carla Awards Jughead the Rose Web Award for the nice pages she enjoyed with good information



Lisa of her Coke Drink Site Awards Jughead The Real Thing Award because his site was made with Real Effort



Denita Awards Jughead The Douglas 2000 Award for the enjoyable visit and the way he was creative on many of his pages on his Website.


Julie Veldez gave Jughead the Guestboy Guestbook Award for a very nice signature in her guestbook.

 Tina of Tinas Treasures Double Awards Jughead this Token of Esteem Guestbook Award for the friendly comments Jughead put in Tinas Guestbook and the Tinas Treasures Great Site Award for the Enjoyable Site & Effort put into making the Site..




Jennifer Awards Jughead The Writergirls Award for Excellence for the effort, hard work & energy he has put into his site.




Lisa Awarded Jughead The Somewhere Over The Rainbow Award For One of the Nicest Sites she Saw

Sharon Awards Jughead The Best Of The Web Award for The Great Work he did to make her visit enjoyable

Laura Grafe Awards Jughead the Creative Award for an excellent job on his Website

Nancy Awards Jughead The Big Jackpot Award For the Time and Effort he put into making his site interesting



Teacher Teresa Awards Jughead the Blossoms Children Award for the fun she had surfing around his site & the jokes she enjoyed there




Teresa Awards Jughead the Powww Award of Excellence For Helping Others in what he did at Geocities Help Chat & for an enjoyable visit to his Website



Honeybee Awards Jughead the Beautiful Spirit Award for an enjoyable visit to his Website

Patty Awards Jughead the Great Homepage Award for a Super job on his Home Page

Kristie Awards Jughead The Award of Excellence for an excellent Home Page that was well done on his Website

Vickie Awarded Jughead The Great Web Site Award for a Wonderful Time Surfing Around the Website


Cindy Awards Jughead The Cow Camp Award for enjoyable interesting things she found at his website



Denim Dee Awards Jughead The Down Right Home Award for her enjoyable visit & the Quality Work He put into his Website



Cookie of The Cookie Jar Awards Jughead the double Award for a super job well done on the effort of his website & her many enjoyable visits at different times.




Kathy of Bakmacs Cookie Jar Awards Jughead For the enjoyable visits & great photos on his website.

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