This is my dictionary of Skate Moves
180-Frontside or backside, where you spin, frontside and backside.
180 flip-a flip (heel or kick) where your body spins and so does the board.
180 kickflip or heelflip-a flip where just the board spins.
50-50 grind-a grind where both trucks are on the same line on the object you are grinding on.
Crooked grind-a grind on the nose or tail where the truck that is not on the object is in a different line.
Heelflip-a flip with the heel coming across opposite that of a kickflip.
Nosegrind-a grind on the nose
Ollie-leaving the air with your board directly under your feet.
Pop Shove-It-where the board spins under you, off the ground.
Tailgrab-an air where the tail is grabbed.
Tailslide-sliding on an object by the tail.
Wallride-a ride on the wall....duh!!!!