How To Skate

Here are a few tips for new is something to remember ...don't let anyone call you a poser. if you try you're hardest and do it because you like it...not because other people do it, you are not a poser, you are a skater. Okay lets get down to business...

Starting basic...

KICKTURN: this is very easy all you do is have one foot on the tail and one anywhere else. apply pressure to the tail and guide the board in your desired direction.

OLLIE: a little more difficult, place on foot on the tail and one in the centre. apply strong, fast pressure to the tail and roll your front foot forward. this should level the board out in midair. Learn this before going on because everything requires an ollie.

KICKFLIP: put one foot on your tail like an ollie...but place your front foot only halfway across the board. ollie and shoot your front foot downward. cauisng the board to spin...make an educated guess on where it will land and jump there

SHUVE-IT: put one foot on the opposite corner of your tail from where you are standing. you're front foot must be fully in the middle. lift up your front foot and flick the board so it will spin in your direction

more to come soon

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