Megaman's Rap and Skateboarding

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My Skate Zine

Hello everyone my name is Andrew. I skateboard and listen to rap...I am conducting a survey to see who your favorite pros are so please E-mail me with an answer. I am 13 years old and have skated for 9 months. I ride a Pat Duffy Plan B and Venture Feather lites. My favorite companies are: Prime Skateboards, Powell Skateboards, and Destructo Trucks My favorite pros are: Mike Vallely, Mark Gonzales, Caine Gayle and Rodney Mullen

Okay....hardly anyone has told me their favorite pros... So, out of these 10 who is your favorite???
Tony Hawk

Mark Gonzales

Jason Lee

Tommy Guerrerro

Mike Vallely

Andy Roy

Jeremy Wray

Shawn Graham

Kareem Campbell

Simon Woodstock

Thank you for your time.

The time at present is:

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