WhY MeNaCe'S PaGe RuLeS!

These are the twenty reasons why he has the best page on the net.
(not in any order)

20. Because he knows his html and stuff. He's real good at it.
19. He gets so much traffic, like he has had his guestbook for like, a week and like 20 people have signed it.
18. Look at this guy...

17. He could kick your ass, and my ass at the same time, while eating an orange popsicle.
16. He hates racism, facism, and eating meat, like me.
15. He has won five awards. I have won two. Five is more than two.
14. He has this little dot, that you click on, and it makes fun of you.
13. Go see this picture he colud kill us all.
12. He looks like this when he wakes up,

11. Soon he's gonna have record and concert reviews.
10. He hates Axl Rose, I guess it's not cool to be normal. Everyone hates him.
9. He has found the most boring and pointless places...and then he links to them.
8. He can help you either, get a tampon, a condom, a recipe book or some other free crap.
7. He follows all the rules. And it's cool to follow the rules.
6. He skates and skating is neato.
5. Punk is cool too.
4. He doesn't have any gay "direct dowloads" or "cheats" shit. See Mike's Page
3. He is a cool guy, I have talked to him.
2. Me and him are gonna have a webring.
1. Go to Mike's Page and compare them, you will find about fifty more reasons.

woa!!! here is a novel idea!!!! go to the damn page

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