1. Bike helmet laws...sure we won't crack our heads open, but what if our heads burrow into out bodies like a scared turtle. Then you have a situation.
2. Posers that carry their boards around and never ride them unless...
a)someone cool walks by.
b)cops drive by.
3. Why skateboarders are supposed to hate rollerbladers. I hate rollerblading, not rollerbladers.
4. When fat people try to make themselves look muscular. I don't hate fat people I just hate it when they show off a fat gut pretending it's a six pack.
5. How they are called "Super" big gulps, I don't find them "Super" at all. Maybe "Mega", "Humungous" or "Radical."
6. How "The Artist", keeps changing name, he should change his name to "fruit", that is never gonna change.
7. How Hanson is like 11 years old and somehow they are pros on relationships.
8. How "Nike" and "Reebok" make Skate shoes, but try to make them cool by calling them "Choad" or whatever the hell they call them they suck no matter what.
9. Full House.
10. Skateboarders who give you dirty looks if your not the best skater.
11. How they never told us how to get the caramel or chocolate fudge into the Caramilk bar!!! I WANNA KNOW!!!
12. How they keep trying to find the perfect Batman, (keaton, kilmer, clooney) and they all sucked! They aren't gonna be happy until robot people are invented.
13. People who say Shaft is make beleive.
14. The way a house smells, when there is bread baking in the oven.

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