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Susan Ward is currently in production on the movie called Going Greek. Latest word is that it's release date will be sometime in the end of summer. Susan plays the leader of an upper-class sorority.

In other Susan news: Susan will co-star in 20th Century Fox's comedy, Shallow Hal, also starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black. Ward plays Jill, the stunning girlfriend of Black, who has to deal with a troubled past. The film is directed by the Farrelly Bros. (There's Something About Mary, Dumb And Dumber, Me, Myself & Irene.)

For up-to-the-minute news on Susan Ward, visit this great website: Susan Beyond Sunset Beach

Kam Heskin's new movie Tomcats starring Kam Heskin, Jerry O'Connell, Jamie Pressley, and more is slated to be released in theaters at the end of March. Look for previews soon!

Rumors are swirling that Lesley-Anne Down will possibly star in the new NBC Daytime Drama Thunder's Secret More news when we hear it!.

Vanessa Dorman (Caitlin 1) is starring in a thriller called Lying In Wait along side Rutger Hauer and Virginia Madsen. Vanessa will be playing a 17 year old ballet student who falls in love with her next door neighbor - with horrific consequences... It is thought the movie will be released throughout the USA sometime this year. This info comes from Vanessa Dorman's Unofficial Web Corner.

Susan Ward is being considered to play Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. new feature for next year, also considered is Sandra Bullock and Charleze Theron. Write to Warner Brothers and let them know we want SUSAN WARD!


  • TIM ADAMS (Casey Mitchum)
    Tim Adams had a recurring role on Guiding Light as Rob Layne. His role has now ended. No word yet on Adams next move.

  • SHAWN BATTEN (Sara Cummings)
    Shawn Batten has landed the role of Natalia on MTV's upcoming soap opera "Syder Games". MTV has ordered 13 episodes which make Syder Games a go for the fall. MTV has also launched the official website for Syder Games. Go to for more.

  • SARAH BUXTON (Annie Douglas Richards)
    Sarah Buxton plays Morgan DeWitt on The Bold & Beautiful.

  • KRISSY CARLSON (Amy Nielsen)
    Krissy Carlson will be in the third season of MTV's Undressed.

    Christina Chambers has landed a role on MTV's upcoming soap opera "Syder Games". MTV has ordered 13 episodes which make Syder Games a go for the fall!

  • EDDIE CIBRIAN (Cole Deschanel):
    Eddie Cibrian can be seen weekly heating up NBC's Monday Nights on it's new hit drama Third Watch. Movie wise he's getting lots of work. First he has a role in the upcoming NBC miniseries In the Beginning, which co-stars Martin Landau and Jacqueline Bisset. Then watch for him as Heather Graham's (Austin Powers) love interest in Say It Isn't So, from gross-out gurus the Farrelly brothers of There's Something About Mary fame.

  • LESLEY-ANNE DOWN (Olivia Richards)
    Lesley-Anne Downs (Olivia) will be co-staring with Perry King, Shannon Sturges and William R. Moses in the thriller The Perfect Wife which is now in production. This is a made-for-tv movie.

  • PRISCILLA GARITA (Gabi Martinez)
    Priscillawrapped up filming a movie titled Road Dogz. No word yet on it's release.

  • JASON GEORGE (Michael Bourne)
    Jason George is starring in the new primetime Aaron Spelling sudser "Titans". Titans airs Wednesdays at 8:00pm on NBC.

  • DAX GRIFFIN (Tim Truman):
    Dax Griffin appeared in the short lived FOX comedy Opposite Sex.

  • LISA GUERRERO (COLES) (Francesca Vargas)
    Lisa is now one of the hosts of Sports Genuius and is also a ringside commentator for the Toughman Competitions.

  • KAM HESKIN (Cailtin Deshcanel):
    Kam Heskin (and Randy Spelling) have a movie coming out on video November 14th, 2000. The movie is called 'Held For Ransom' and stars Dennis Hopper and Joan Van Ark. I will be released in theaters but might be limited. Kam is currently filming the Sony Picture Tomcats starring Jerry O'Connell, Jamie Pressly, and Shannon Elizabeth. It's a comedy and should be pretty good. For the latest on Kam visit her official website: Kam Heskin Online.

  • SHERRI SAUM (Vanessa Hart):
    Sherri Saum can be seen playing Casey on the Showtime Series 'Beggars and Choosers'. The new season begins airing June 27th.

  • RANDY SPELLING (Sean Richards):
    Randy Spelling (and Kam Heskin) finished filming Held For Ransom coming to video on November 14, 2000. Randy has also landed a role in the new Darren Starr series Grosse Pointe. It'll air on the WB after Popular, on Fridays.

  • SUSAN WARD (Meg Cummings):
    Susan Ward starred in the feature film "The In Crowd" which was short lived at the box office. She was also signed on for the lead role in the WB's new pilot, Day One. Word is that it was not picked up, but could be a mid-season replacement.

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