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Basically, the idea behind this is as follows: Wouldn't it be awesome if you could go to a webpage and automatically see if the owner was a Dawson/Joey romantic? See if they liked Jen? Now, this is a reality with Dawson's Creek Support Images!

Of course, they are a few rules for using these. But honestly, they're very easy to follow. And they are basically common sense, too! (How lucky can you get?!)

  • Your web page does NOT have to be DC related. Got an X-Files page but love Joey? Go ahead, take the image. Heck, you don't even need a page. Use em as wallpaper, sprinkle them on emails, I don't care. Take as many as you want. You're free to use them however you choose. As long as you follow the other rules.

  • You have to support the character/relationship if you take the button. Duh. Don't take the Jen image if you hate Jen, don't take the Dawson/Joey Romance one if you're a Pacey/Joey person. Simple, right?

  • You somehow need to make it easy for someone who would like the image to get to my page from the image. I have a button below that you could use if all of the images are in one spot. Just copy the code below the image into your page.

    Link Button
    <a href="http://www.oocities.org/TelevisionCity/ Studio/5585/support.html"> <img src="//www.oocities.org/TelevisionCity/Studio/5585/getyourown.jpg"></a>

    If you'd rather not use the button, that's fine. You can put a text link under the image or just leave the images the way they are. It really doesn't matter. Just as long as someone who wants their own can easily get them!

  • These images ARE NOT TO BE ARCHIVED!!! That is NOT the point of them; don't do it.

  • That's really it. You don't need to tell me that you took them (although it would be nice if you dropped me a line, letting me know what you thought of them. It's not required, though. earthangel52@hotmail.com. Just be sure that you actually support the characters/relationships that you take and you let people easily get back to them. Take as many of these as you would like, they're all free. Enjoy them!


    I can't legally stop you from doing the same thing on your web page. I can't prevent you from making your own set of graphics like these and distributing them exactly the way that I am. But, please think about this. This could be really cool - can you imagine going to tons of websites and being able to see EXACTLY what couples and characters the webmasters support? You could tell in an instant just by what pictures show up on the page. But this could turn out really stupid if every other page owner does this. Then ten pages would have page A's set, five would have page B's set, etc. That would totally and utterly defeat the purpose of me creating these. If you don't like the images I used on these, let me know. I'd be happy to make additional images (within reason, of course. I'm not going to make you 500 different "I support Joey" images). If you want a smaller or larger size, tell me. I'm happy to accomodate requests. Just let me know. Want ones for each episode? Actor? Just ask. Please don't say "Well, I don't like that Dawson picture so I'm going to make my OWN set of these and give them out, ha ha ha". I spent a lot of time doing this and I want this to be a success. It will not work if everyone else does this. Please understand where I'm coming from and use your best judgement. Thank you.

    Get the images!

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