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The content on these pages is © MaracujŠ unless noted. Most of the images on these pages are © MaracujŠ which according to my bio page is myself :) Buttons and banners are mostly © by their owners or where they are linked too. If you want to use my images for a personal page go ahead BUT download the image to your server AND mention me on your page :) It would be nice if you joined the guestbook surfers. I might consider customizing graphics for you. E-Mail Pong2Kong@oocities.com and ask.

I'll add some of my images to this page as I can.
hr not links :) Hit counter for my curiosity :)
Here are some old icons made for my company that they never used. These are ©Reality and can not be sold.

Somebody should get to use these :)


The cyberbaby, mailbox, cyberfriends world, lightning guestbook surfer, PA plates, hr below, and the neon titles are from DEWA. 3d 3d 3d stuff from dewa


Additional Official Guestbook Surfer graphics and images.
surfer10.jpg is from Nancy's Mother/Daughter Page.
ogswave.gif is from ~Grandmas Home~
gbsurfer.gif is from GA's Webspace.
wfogs3.gif came from Wandering Faerie.
ogsmouse.jpg was created by Mouse.

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