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Welcome to the OMG Webring, moving soon to a whole new website and my own domain. Yes, the OMG WebRing and the Y.E.S.S. are heading off the beaten path of GeoCities into the World Wide Web on it's own Domain. Chant with me now the motto of the WebRing,... ZU! ZU! ZUUUUUU!!!

As the name implies, this webring is actually devoted to the manga and anime of Oh My Goddess! by Fujishima Kyousuke, founded in November of 1996,... geez, a really long time now. Soon to be joined with The Kitsu Project not only links to many OMG Sites, but a large informational OMG Site as well, the best of all worlds.

Of course, if you're looking for a lot of info about the series, characters, image galleries, etc.... you're on the right track. Of course, you're going to have to go check out the ring sites. Look a little to your left for Resources: Listing of all Sites. Odds are you're going to find whatever you're looking for.

NEWS- What's been going on recently? Well, with gearing up for AWA coming soon, it's been decided that we REALLY need to get moving to the new location, so with renewed vigor we tackle the problem of page design and layout. No more shall we endlessly redesign, scrap, redesign, scrap, we're picking one layout and we're stuck with it! I want to have the new location up and running for the ring at least in a week. Take bets.


And as the trend continues, only more and more sites are going to be joining, that could be one of the reasons you're here, so if you have an OMG website, be sure to drop the New Members: How to Join section. Always glad to have another OMG fan join us. Just remeber, your odds of getting in are better if your page is about Oh My Goddess. You wouldn't think that would be a problem, would you? But, you would be amazed then.

As far as amazement goes, make sure to check out the sites on the ring. If you have any questions that aren't covered, feel free to drop us a note, and one of our trained staff will promptly make up an answer for you. And rember the motto,... ZU!

Oh My Goddess is property of Fujishima Kousuke, and in the US is distributed by Animeigo (the anime), and Dark Horse (the manga). In short, we don't claim anything on this page but the name OMG WebRing and the workload. Wait a minute, if I don't get anything for this, why am I still doing it?!

OMG WebRing was established in November of 1996. Any questions and comments concerning the OMG WebRing and/or large sums of money may be forwarded to Brian.

Aired on 10/22/98

Hey, be impressed I have a site around long enough to have a real award this old.
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