This web page was not the product of one person; rather, the help and support of many people accomplished it. While constructing this homepage, I discovered valuable qualities among my friends: kindness, generosity, resourcefulness, patience and more. Here, I would like to thank those people for their help, support and for being themselves. I would like to remind my visitors about these helpful people because without them, you would not be here. -- Gretchen

Many thanks to: (alphabetical order)

All my visitors
for making this page possible by being here
Bernard Yen
for his incredible patience, for helping me with graphic, page layout, traffic, for checking the compatibility of my page with macs and other browser. For EVERYTHING!
Dan Chang
under whose constant encouragement, I began working on this homepage.
Ed Tang
for making me beg for 6 months before lending me a certain program necessary for this web page.
for very obvious reasons :)
HTML Writer
from which I wrote the web pages
Javier Londaiz
for catching my mistakes in the complete list of works and providing me information on Tchaikovsky's lesser-known works.
Joe Moreno
For his wonderful articles on Tchaikovsky's works and web tips. Visit his excellent Mozart site.
Queenie: Vienna community leader and chat friend
for all her encouragement and support!
Steven Lin
for ceaselessly promoting my site, for his encouragement and finally, for his optimism.
Vicky: Vienna Community leader for my block
for being there when I needed her! :)
Wayne Hsu
for notifying his webmaster friends whenever he finds something new, e.g. when webtracker opened again
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