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Welcome!  This is the homepage for The International Gay and Lesbian Family Values Webring, started in 1996, to promote gay and lesbian websites anywhere around the world.

Web Rings are a great concept for promoting web sites free of charge.  They are made up of sites having similar content, linked together to create a "Ring".  With the International Gay and Lesbian Family Values Ring, the similar content is gay and lesbian... good quality collections of gay and lesbian sites from countries anywhere around the world.

Someone searching the Web has only to find one participating site in the Ring to be a mouse click away from finding another participating site!   A surfer can browse easily from one site to another in the ring until he has found the kind of site he wants.  Participating sites will receive visits from potential members who may never have found them without the Ring.

Please feel free to apply for our Gay and Lesbian Website excellence award click

You can use this page to:

Here are the simple guidelines for inclusion in the Ring:

  • Your site should contain useful information and be free of nudity.
  • Your site should be attractive yet functional. We presume surfers want to find useful sites, not pretty graphics or gimmicks.
  • The page you register with the webring should load within 20 seconds (preferably less).  In other words, go easy on java script or large art files on the page.
  • The ring code below (on this page) must be on the page you register with the webring.
To read up on how the ring works and why it is so easy to be a part of, you may want to visit the Web Ring home page. If you want to go ahead and join the International Gay and Lesbian Family Values Ring, add your site to the webring queue using the form below, then follow the instructions on getting started.

Add site to queue

Read the guidelines for inclusion if you have not already done so!

Your registration details will be confirmed by e-mail... keep them safe!

The next step Place the following Ring Code (below) directly on the page that you submitted a URL for.  (Highlight the code right here on this screen, select edit copy, then edit paste it direct into your html file.)   Advise the Ringmaster, Brian & Rick you have done this.  We will visit your page and confirm that your site belongs in the ring and that your link code has been correctly installed; when everything is OK we will add your site to the ring.

NOTE:-  If you leave your entry in the queue for more than a week without correctly installing the code, your queue entry will be deleted without notice.

<!-- Remember to place your site ID# in place of the 9999! --> <!--START STANDARD CUT HERE--> <center><table cellpadding=0 bgcolor="000000"><tr><th><center> <a href=""><img src = "" border = 0> </a><br><br> <a href=";id=9999;action=skip5" ><img src="//" border = 0 alt="next 5 sites"></a><br><br> <a href=";id=9999;action=prev " ><img src="//" border = 0 alt="previous site"></a><br><br> <a href=";id=9999;action=rand" ><img src="//" border = 0 alt="random site"></a><br><br> <img src="//"></center></th> <th> <center><a href=""><img src = "" BORDER=0 alt="Gay and Lesbian Family Values"></a><br> <a href=""><img src="//" border = 0 alt="join the webring"></a></center></th> <th><center> <img src="//"><br><br> <a href=";id=9999;action=skip1 "><img src="//" border = 0 alt="skip next"</a><br><br> <a href=";action=list"><img src="//" border=0 alt="list sites"></a><br><br> <a href=";id=9999;action=next "><img src="//" border=0 alt="list sites"></a><br><br> <img src="//"> </center></th></tr> </table></center> <br> <center><b><font face="arial"><font size=-1>Be sure to visit the <a href="">Gay and Lesbian Family Values Website</a></font></font></center></b>

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Gay and Lesbian Family Values
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Be sure to visit the Gay and Lesbian Family Values Website

When putting the code on your page you will need to place your site ID# in place of the 9999. (Your site ID will be sent with the e-mail confirmation of your registration details.)   Other minor cosmetic changes to the above code are permissible... for example you may want to center the code.

That's it !Whenever you need to change your registration details, you can do so here:

Site ID #