A Human Invention or Divine Institution?

The Biblical and Historical Witness


By Adam S. Miller

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Part I:

The Testimony of Scripture
The Epistle to the Romans
The Acts of the Apostles
Conclusion to the Biblical Witness

Part II:

The Testimony of History
The Early Church Fathers
Appeals to Roman Authority
Constantine and the Church of Rome
Conclusion to the Historical Witness

Appendix I: "Roman Catholic"- A Recent Title?

Appnedix II: The Catholic Church and Her Rites

Appendix III: Apostolic Successors (proven from the Bible)


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    It is a revealed truth of God that the Lord Jesus Christ founded only one Church to represent His teaching authority (see Mat.28:19-20; Lk.10:16), while choosing specific men to represent His governing authority (Mat.18:17-18; Lk.10:16; Heb.13:17); and that this one Church was to be the instrument through which He would confer His grace to individuals down through history (Jn.20:22-23; 2 Cor.5:18). Therefore, it is obviously vital for all people to find this Church. As the Church founded by Christ is His Body on earth (Eph.5:23; Col:1:18), there is no other way by which men can come into a saving relationship with Christ except by being joined to His Body, of which He is the Head.

    The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) claims to be the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ. Though Protestants disagree amongst themselves as to how they view the RCC, nevertheless, they ALL agree in denying what the RCC claims for herself. This booklet will answer the question of whether or not the RCC is testified to in the Bible and by history as having those characteristics and attributes which only Christ's one Church would have. If the RCC is testified to as such, then we must conclude that it is the one Church Christ Himself established. This is so because Christ founded only one Church, and thus only one teaching and governing authority. (It should be obvious that Our Lord would not establish multiple authorities which teach different and conflicting doctrines, for divine truth can never contradict itself, and the teaching of Christ’s chosen representatives can never be in a situation where what is preached is both “it is, and it is not” –see 2 Cor. 1:18-19.) If the RCC is not testified to as such in the Bible and the early post-Apostolic age, then it is at best the mere invention of men.

    The Church of Rome has made many claims over the centuries; claims to which no other church group would dare make. In fact, most Protestants wouldn't be too surprised if they read that some medieval pope made the following claims:

1) that the Roman Church's faith is proclaimed throughout the whole world;
2) that the Roman Church is filled with all knowledge;
3) that she is respected and saluted by all the local churches of Christ;
4) that her obedience is known to all;
5) that under the feet of the Church of Rome God will crush Satan;
6) that the Roman Church is the apostolic center for the world-wide (i.e., Catholic) Church, and
7) that it is from the Rome where the Gospel reached the ends of the earth.

    Most Protestants would probably shake their heads saying, "Poor, deceived Romanist." Honest and thorough students of the Bible would recognize these claims as characteristics and attributes that Christ’s one true Church would possess. Yet, each of these things is exactly what the Bible teaches concerning the Church established at Rome in the middle of the first century. We will look at God's written Word* and see that the one Church founded by Jesus Christ has always had its seat of governing and teaching authority in Rome, once the Jews as a whole rejected the Gospel. We will then look at the testimony from history of whether or not this status was recognized by the early Christians and early Church leaders.

    We will then look at whether or not apostolic succession (i.e. the passing down of the teaching and governing authority of the Apostles) has been revealed by God in His written Word. If there is anyone who knew whether or not the Apostles passed on their authority in obedience to Christ’s will, it would be the early Church Fathers, who were the very recipients of apostolic teaching. It is their testimony to which we will turn to finish our presentation.

*Due to the fact the so many persons use different Bible versions, I do not quote from the numerous verses cited herein. It is therefore to your advantage to look up in your own Bible and read the verses cited throughout this work and treat this as a study.

This article is now discontinued. To find out where these claims are in fact revealed in the Bible and given witness to by the early Church Fathers order the expanded book: Order Here

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