The Former Unofficial Nonsense Homepage!


Okay, for the record this site doesn't really have anything to do with Adam West. It just got named that for no good reason and in the spirit of nonsense it still is. (Though I should add that Mr. West is indeed crazy food and gets much respect from me)
Also, for the record, this site is done for. Go here instead. Since that place has all that was once here, and a great deal more. --PDR

Kip bowling!

Pat bowling!

The Homie is attacked by a dog!

The ol' Pat Write-and-punch!

"The people who eventually colonize the planet Uranus will be call Uranians or something. That takes the fun out of it. Oh well, at least they'll be COLONists."

And so, once again the day is saved!

Oh, and help save the world.

"Don't Fear the Reaper!"
Jambon Jambon Jambon!