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African Slaves Chained TogetherAfrican Slaves Chained Together
African American Literature Online



The purpose of this web site is to provide the reader with a comprehensive guide to African American Literature during the Twentieth Century. Here, you will find over 75 novels, poems, autobiographies, and essays along with summaries of the selected literature. Also, we have provided you with some significant events of each decade and the literary themes that African American authors were writing about during that decade. This web site is targeted towards high school students because we felt they would be at a level of maturity that would allow them to have a better grasp of what the authors were writing about during that time period. Also, we felt that high school students would be more in tuned to the issues that confront the African American community. However, this web site is in no way limited to this population. This web site can be used as research and educational tool for all those that have an interest in African American Literature.


NOTE: This site is for informational purposes only. We do not do individual research nor do we offer literary critiques.

The majority of the researchers, students, and others can find information about African American authors, as well as literary themes from most university library. Ask your reference library for assistance.

There is a Encyclopedia specifically on African Americans that interested individuals can use to find additional information on famous African Americans and historical references. Also do not be afraid to use the Internet for research. There is a lot of information online!

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