Through the Soldiers' Ears

What Americans Fighting in Vietnam Heard and Its Effects

A Study of Former AFVN Members and Rochester, New York Veterans

Copyright 2000 By Chris Sabis, University of Rochester NY
[Senior Honors Thesis]
[Chris Sabis is now attending Georgetown U. Law School - 2002 AFVN Editor's note - rcm]

Table of Contents
  1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Introduction
    1. Importance of Music in Vietnam
  4. Background of Popular War Music
    1. Protest Music
      1. Rock
      2. Folk
    2. Songs of Support
    3. The Emotional is Political
  5. Music in Vietnam
    1. AFVN [AFVN was the American Military Radio TV Network in Vietnam - AFVN ed.]
      1. How Music Was Selected
      2. A Sample of AFVN Music
      3. Time Period Differences at AFVN
      4. De jure Censorship at AFVN
      5. De facto Censorship at AFVN
      6. Dodging Censorship at AFVN
    2. Unauthorized Broadcasting
    3. Private Collections of American Soldiers
  6. The Impact of Music in Vietnam
    1. Previous Research
      1. Officers vs. Enlisted Men
      2. Front vs. Rear
      3. The Four Types of GI Theory
    2. Findings of This Study
      1. The Music
      2. Officers vs. Enlisted Men
      3. Front vs. Rear
      4. Morale
  7. Soldiers’ Original Music
    1. Methods of Recording and Distribution
    2. Content and Purpose of Songs
  8. Conclusions
    1. Officers vs. Enlisted Men
    2. Front vs. Rear
    3. Morale
      1. Overall Effects of Music
      2. The Four Types of GI Theory
    4. Soldiers’ Original Music
  9. Final Thoughts
  10. Bibliography
  11. Endnotes