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- Private website award, small and humorus with various types of awards links.

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- Your vote allows us to climb the ladder. Automatically updates your standings every 1/2 hour. HEY !! Did you Vote for US?

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Golden Globe Awards

- Award provided by the International Association of Webmasters and Designers. Links are kept archived in a monthly generated database. There is also a club for little people too. Lots to offer if your a true webmaster. FREE

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- Internet Marketing help center with demo's of various types of submission software. After you win this award, go to their site to list your info manually. Its not automatic. The award submission software demo, works. (we tried it) (** We are not affiliated with Market-tek, we just won their award) FREE

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- Nice clean award section, directions to everything from affiliate programs to webmaster tools.

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Anything Canadian Eh'ward

- For our friends up North. The A.C.E. or Anything Canadian EH'ward is given to website owners who show Canadian Pride, a little ingenuity & lots of Canadian Content. Toronto Maple Leafs, Ski Lodges, Anne Murray, Clipart, Bob & Doug Mackenzie, Soccer Club, Musicians, Skidoo Club, Musicians, ANYTHING CANADIAN EH!

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