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Here are the Ass Kickin' Website Award Requirements;

  1. Your website must be as ERROR FREE as possible. That means no missing images, dead links, javascript errors, etc etc.
  2. You agree to LINK BACK to this website so other Ass Kickin' Websites can also apply for this coveted award.
  3. Your website must have CONTENT. A bunch of random links or banners is a definite no-no. There must be a good mix of graphics and text. You won't win gold with a single paragraph of text, or if you have a page full of nuthin' but banners. It should be be worth coming back to. You should update it on occasion and a show a little pride is your website. The more you put into it, the better your award.
  4. Your website must be easy to navigate. We don't want people to have to search all over the place for things they want to see.
  5. The judges decision is final, and they reserve the right to accept or reject any website for any reason, questionable or otherwise. THE JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL.
  6. NO pornographic, warez, will be accepted. This is the way it will and is always gonna stay.
  7. "Ass Kickin' Music Website Award" Winners can (usually) expect to hear back from us in a week or three or maybe even less.
  8. If you think your site has what it takes, then send us your websites address and using a valid email address to reply back to, briefly tell us why you think YOUR site is so damned special and worthy of this "Ass Kickin' Music Website Award"

Still think ya got ASS KICKIN' MUSIC WEBSITE AWARD potential ? Click Here for the online application form

If you dislike online forms email with "Ass Kickin Application" in the subject line

Answer these questions;

  1. Your Name
  2. Valid email address
  3. URL/Address of website
  4. Brief Description
  5. Which award your applying for