Carlo And Alex On OLTL

Alex attempted to drown Cassie.

Cassie Callison returned to town to attend the swearing-in ceremony for her father, Herb, who replaced Viki as the Mayor of Llanview. Bo ran into Cassie at the airport and was immediately charmed by her poise, her beauty, and her zest for life. They attended the swearing in party together and when Alex saw them dancing and laughing together, she fled in a jealous rage. As Bo and Cassie began to spend more and more time together, Alex’s behavior became more erratic. Alex’s unrequited love for Bo drove her to desperate measures. Dorian was furious at Cassie! How could her only daughter fall in love with a Buchanan? The ever-scheming Ms. Lord plotted with Alex to break up the lovers.
When Bo and Cassie decided to take a vacation, Alex followed them and kidnaped Cassie! Hauling her to a nearby boat, Alex ordered Cassie to row into the middle of the lake, where Alex tried to drown her! Fortunately, Bo rescued Cassie and Alex. Totally unhinged, Alex was taken away to the Mountainview Clinic.

Alex and Carlo at one of the many balls.

During a flashback, Sarah realized that she had witnessed Carlo Hesser killing a man during her months in captivity. Sarah could only remember the dying man’s last word: "Scarecrow."
Carlo married the notorious Alex Olanov, who had managed to slither out of jail. Mr. and Mrs. Hesser began a short and kinky marriage marked by frequent sex -- and lots of their favorite aphrodisiac, oysters! While searching for missing diamonds that belonged to him, Carlo was shot to death in Max Holden’s attic. Sarah became the prime suspect.
District Attorney Hank "The Cannon" Gannon presented a strong and convincing case against Sarah and she was found guilty of murder. Bo, convinced of her innocence, eventually found the real killer -- Carlo’s niece, Stephanie. It turned out that Stephanie had apparently killed Carlo in a fit of rage after discovering that he had murdered her own father, FBI informant Joseph Hobart -- A.K.A. "The Scarecrow."
Alex was fiercely determined to maintain control of Carlo's empire. When she found out that Carlo’s rival, Moose Mulligan, wanted a piece of the action, a desperate Alex brought mild-mannered Egyptologist Mortimer Bern to town, who was Carlo’s identical twin brother. Alex arranged for Mortimer to take voice lessons, dance lessons, even sex lessons, but nothing worked! Only when Mortimer met and became smitten with Carlo’s former flame, Renee Buchanan, did he complete the transformation from Milquetoast to mobster.

Is it Carlo, or Mortimer?

All of Llanview was shocked when mob boss Carlo Hesser turned up dead after Todd and Blair Manning's ill-fated ball. Carlo was a man with many enemies and almost everyone had a reason to want him dead. Antonio Vega went on trial for Carlo's murder and things looked bleak for him indeed, especially since Carlo had staged an elaborate planned scheme in which he had framed Antonio for the crime. In the end, however, Alex Olanov Hesser Buchanan was revealed as the murderer. It was also revealed that Asa Buchanan had witnessed the murder, but had said nothing to clear Antonio because he was hoping that the 30 million dollars Carlo has swindled from him would resurface. Asa had knowingly let an innocent man stand trial for murder and no one could forgive him for this selfish act.

Alex sent R.J. a going away present in the form of a video tape. R.J. watched as Alex and Carlo sailed off into the sunset.

Alex literally got away with murder when the charges against her were dropped due to a legal technicality. A short time later, Alex received a shock when Carlo returned from the dead to reclaim her as the love of his life. Or was it Carlo's twin brother Mortimer who had returned for Alex? Alex really didn't care either way, as long as they had Asa's 30 million dollars.