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The maths linker - on-line & downloadables by Thomas Sauvaget. Very well organized site (french/ english).
Online Mathematics Textbooks, by George Cain
Online Notes by Joe McMahon
AMS Books Online the first publisher to offer math books for free.
Online number theory lecture notes
Lecture Notes (in English, French, German)
Skripte im WWW includes also many books and lecture notes in German
Math books at Open Directory Project (including books in Spanish)
DG: Course Resources
Math Archives - Lessons, Tutorials and Lecture Notes
Collection of Lecture Notes, Surveys, and Papers

  • Some other books
  • Not books but nice refcards by Oliver Knill:

    Books in other formats (not ps,dvi,pdf)

  • Dave Rusin's Mathematics Essays is a collection of short articles on (almost) all areas of mathematics.
  • Euclid's Elements, an HTML edition by David E. Joyce with java applets
  • Alexander Bogomolny's Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles, (HTML)
  • Kevin Brown's collection of articles on diverse math areas (HTML)
  • On a Generalized Fermat-Wiles Equation, (Steve Finch)(HTML)
  • The Solving of Fermat's Last Theorem, Karl Rubin, Ohio State University Distinguished Lecture May 22, 1997 (slides in jpg)
  • An Introduction to Fourier Theory HTML
  • Online text in graph theory HTML with java applets, by C.P. Mawata
  • Wavelet Tutorial by Robi Polikar. HTML
  • MP313 number theory course notes, problems and solutions by Keith Matthews. (scanned gifs)
  • Seminar Notes on Elliptic Curves and Formal Groups: J. Lubin, J.-P. Serre and J. Tate,
    Summer Institute on Algebraic Geometry, Woods Hole, 1964 (scanned gifs)
  • Clay Mathematics Institute Introductory Workshop in Algorithmic Number Theory (MSRI Video Archive)
  • The Data Analysis BriefBook by R.K.Bock, W.Krischer

    Math - useful links

    Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics is a comprehensive encyclopedia of mathematics.
    The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library
    MSRI Books
    Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire
    MacTutor History of Mathematics
    news://sci.math.research topics
    Arnold's mathematical seminar, Moscow University
    Elsevier Science: Browse