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1) Architecture + Ecology.  Coined by architect Paolo Soleri.  A planned, building/ neighborhood/ city that is integrated into the landscape and enables the inhabitants to live wholistic lives, integrating work and play.  Soleri's movement lured a community of architecture students to Arcosanti, Arizona to study.  2) A gigantic, more-or-less self-contained building /community, usually with businesses and industries built in.  A city-in-a-building, with the implication of the various sociopolitical consequences thereof.  In the fiction of the early 300's BxY "Arcology" usually connoted isolation and exclusiveness.  Corporate arcologies were where sinister forces and their minions did their work.  This literature was prophetic because during the Great Collapse roughly a century later corporate compounds would have many of the traits associated with dystopian corporate arcologies.  (See relevant bibliography)

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Brown dwarf

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Daniken: [also, Danikenite]:

One who believes in Danikinism.

Von Daniken, Erich:

Popular second century Bx author of numerous books promoting the idea that alien visitors to Earth fostered the rise of Human civilizations.


any assertion, belief, or doctrine holding that the rise of sapience or civilization among Humans was brought about through the intervention of alien patrons. [after Erich von Daniken.]


[see Daniken]

Diffusion disk:


Dura system1:

a base six system for measuring time that is very popular in O-2 Civilization.
1 kidura       = 6-2 duras ~ 0.6 second
1 dura          = 60  duras ~ 20 seconds
1 midura      = 63  duras ~ 72 minutes
1 jadura       = 65  duras ~ 43 hours
1 pidura       = 67  duras ~ 65 Earth days

Dyson sphere:

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Europan Biosphere:

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Fallow planet:  

Fractal System:  

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Gas giant:  


Gheer reaction:

Gheer is the name for the physiological process of plastic remodeling exhibited by many members of the Tymbrimi genogroup when under stress.

Gheer transformation:

[see gheer reaction]  


Green house effect:  

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Use of base two instead of base six systems is a very common option in Galactic civilization.  Also, tradition puts the mean distance of the Progenitors' homeworld almost exactly eight light-minutes from the surface of its sun.  This unit --called a hab --is a standard unit of time (and distance) in O-2 civilization.  (The hab is inconveniently short for most H-2 species.)  It follows that the natural unit of 2-3 hab is almost exactly a minute long,  23 hab is about 64 minutes long, and 216 hab (6553610) is 52428810 minutes --or a little over 36410 days. Thus 216 hab is commonly called a hab-year in Anglic.


Being capable of imagination, appreciation, and wonder --especially, being self-aware and being aware that one is self-aware.

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Mass Extinction:  

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Very small machines.  At the extreme, machines are made molecule-by-molecule and the molecules built atom by atom.  Applications include microsurgery, construction of advanced integrated circuits, building complex, larger machines, and terraforming.  It is possible to build nanobots that can replicate themselves.  Such Von Neuman nanomachines are very useful for certain terraforming and medical applications.  However, they can only be built using proven Library and Galactic Foresight Organization licenced designs incorporating integral fail-safe components called 'keys'.  Use of unsafe intelligent or replicating machines by Organic species is Traditionally punishable by sanctions as severe as extinction.  Given the Human record of pre-contact speculation and research on artificial intelligence and automated machine replication, the GFO believes that voluntarily opening all Terragen research sites to GFO inspection would be very beneficial for Terragen public relations.  (See bibliography.)

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Old Ones:

Any species living in Retirement.

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This refers to the quality, that is directly detectable to individuals with empathic powers, that makes a pre-sentient species ripe for Uplift.  Attempts by defective species to uplift pre-sentients with insufficient potential have caused several of the tragedies that have recently occured during or after uplift.  Uplifting species before they are ready is a serious crime, and involves the race involved risks being charged with Uplift Malfeasance.  Usually the violation results in a charge of Minor Uplift Malfeasance.  Nevertheless, in several notable and extreme cases charges of Major Uplift Malfeasance have been brought.  (Andrew Crystall)

Probationary Laws:


1)  the use of psychoanalytical tools on prominent historical figures such as the Humans Martin Luther or Adolph Hitler.  2)  A science originally imagined by the Human, I. Asimov, for his fictional Foundation series.  The fictitious scholar Hari Seldon develops methods for accurately modeling the behavior of humans in the aggregate, given a critical number of actors.  In addition, psychohistorical knowledge can be used to influence political-economic events by finding critical junctures where a small, precise intervention can predictably produce a  large desired result.  See also: Cliometrics.

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Ring world:  

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The ability to solve problems.  The ability to think.  Intelligence in the strict sense.


1. The ability to sense. Awareness.  2. Self-awareness.


Possessing high levels of both sapience and sentience.

Stars, classification of :  

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to Terraform:

1) Any engineering program whereby the environment of a planet is altered to make it hospitable to O-2 life, more to the point rendering the planet suitable for colonization by O-2 sapient species.  Common technologies used in Terraform engineering include bio-engineered microorganisms, nanites, self-replicating machines, bombardment by planetoids and comets to alter chemistry and rotation, addition and removal of moons to alter planetary rotation, and use of large space-based reflectors or shades to increase or decrease radiation received by the planet.  2) Any project designed to render a planetary body habitable to Organic life.
     The Galactic Institute for Migration grants Terraformed biospheres to the Terraforming project sponsor(s) for the duration of the sponsors' Main Sequence existence.  Terragens have active Terraforming projects on Mars and Venus in their Home system.  These projects are considered folly by other O-2 species. (See bibliography. See also, Class 'A' lease, Class 'B' lease, Biosphere remediation.)


1) Any Earth species.   2) A member of Earth Clan.  3) A citizen or permanent resident of the Terragen Confederation   4) A sapient species uplifted from a member of the Earth genogroup.  That is, a Human, Neo-Chimp, Neo-Dolphin, Neo-Dog, Neo-Elephant, or Chooser ab-Thennanin.

Terrestrial planet:  


Politics conducted in the style of Baroness Thatcher (1925-2017).  Notable features are a strong belief in the virtues of the free market, in the reduction of the size of government, and a dislike of compromise and coalition politics.

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Uplift malfeasance:  

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1. The Glossary of Infinity's Shore translates the Galactic units into Earth units.  These figures were taken from http://www.geocities. com/area51/corridor/8611/brinjijo.htm

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