AS! Rated 3.0

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance

AS! 3.0
Your site, as listed above, has been chosen as a winner of the SOUTHERN NYTES AWARD OF ELEGANCE for July 2002. This award is not automatic.  All pages that receive this award are viewed. I was impressed by your webpage and the hard work you put into your site. Thank you for applying for the award and sharing your site with me.
Best Regards,

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Wheel of Life Award

AS! 3.0
+ WebsAwards 8
Dear Andrea,
Congratulations! Your site has won Wheel of Life " Bronze Award " It's been found to be of well standards and qualify for the Award.Your site has an good layout, useful contents, and is very easy to navigate!
Thank you for adding an interesting and informative site to the web, it was a pleasure to visit! Yours Respectfully
Ertan Fedai (Turkey)

Genie Web Design Awards

Genie Web Design Awards

AS! 3.0

You have earned the Silver Site Award. We visited your site and have checked everything on it. Reviewed by: Debbie, Danny, George, and an individual who does not know much about the Internet.  We choose a relative of an employee to also view the sites for user friendliness.
Total Score: 88
Outstanding Comments: We enjoyed our visit to your site. We can tell that alot of thought went into your design. We found your site easy to navigate and understand.
Thank you and best wishes, The Genie Staff

Gold Award

AS! 3.0
Congratulations! Your web site has won our Gold Award!  After reviewing your web site it was determined that the content, layout and navigation were excellent. You run an outstanding web site, one which you  can be very proud of. Regards, Karen  (USA)

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Dragon Master Awards

AS! 3.0 + WebsAwards 7
I have viewed your site and find the layout and content very nice, interesting, and easy to navigate. You have achieved the Silver status. Keep up the great work. Yours in peace,
James Betts IV

Whyte Myst's Awards

AS! 3.0
Thank you for submitting your site for one of Whyte Myst's Awards!  I am pleased to announce that your site has won the Award of Excellence.  (...) I really liked your site because of
the originality and it's different and uniqueness!  good job!
Johnna (Whyte Myst's Lair)

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Web Worksite Cool Site Award

AS! 3.0 + Paris Excellence Awards Club 5
We have visited and reviewed your site. Please accept the attached silver award to be proudly displayed on your site. Thank you for your submission to our awards program
Awards Panel

BigOscar Awards

AS! 3.0 + GTA 3 + WebsAwards 10
Dear Andrea, Thank you very much for submitting your site for the Big Oscar Awards. Based on the criteria your site scored the following: 20 Points (Bronze16-21) = Bronze. You win the "BigOscar (2 Stars)", congratulations! Nice design and interesting photos.

Vitor Oliveira (Portugal)

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Monalisa Select Site Award

AS! 3.0 + GTA 1 + WebsAwards 7.5
Your site has won the Mona Lisa Select Site Award! I was impressed with the vast number of archived photographs, and moved by your exhibit. (...) The selection involves a process of rigorous web design review with aesthetics and accessibility in mind. (...) The concept on which your mission is based is well founded. The time you have invested in this web site is a reflection of your commitment. Many sites apply for our award
but few meet the stated ctiteria. Yours did. Congratulations!

Steve Feld (USA)

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