AS! Rated 3.5

Unsers Award

AS! 3.5 + Webs Awards 10 + UWSAG 3
Hello Andrea Cuarterolo

Thank you for applying my AP. You have won the "Unsers Merit Award". The Photographies are wonderfull.The Navigation is very easy.
Kindest regards,
Kai (Germany)

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ArmyVet's Gecko Award

AS! 3.5 + Webs Awards 8.5 + UWSAG 3
I would like to Thank You for applying for ArmyVet's Gecko© Awards. It has been an honor to have had the chance to evaluate your website for one of my awards. I must inform you that my evaluation of your website is based on what your website scored compared to my Criteria. Your evaluation is as follows:
Design:                        (20 points) - (20 points poss.)
Content:                       (10 points) - (30 points poss.)
Creativity/Graphics:   (15 points) - (20 points poss.)
Navigation:                  (30 points) - (30 points poss.)
Total Points Possible: 100
Total Points Your Website Scored: 75
Therefore, it is with great pleasure to award your website with The Silver Gecko© Award. Your hard work and dedication to your website has definitely not gone unnoticed! Wishing you the best of luck with your website endeavors. Sincerely,
Tony Bucaro

Heart Thoughts Award

AS! 3.5 + Webs Awards 9.5
Hello Andrea, I'm very pleased to announce that your site has earned a unique award from Heart Thoughts. Your site is graphically sound, easy to navigate and highly informative. It's quite apparent that you worked hard and long on this project. Thank you for applying for my award and congratulations on earning one!
Best Regards, Vicky Millard (USA)

M.O.A. Award

AS! 3.5 + Webs Awards 10 + UWSAG 5
We have just finished our evaluation of your site and are pleased to present you our M.O.A. Bronze Award.  You have done a wonderful job in your presentation of your photographs and we certainly enjoyed viewing them.
Vicki Reece

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Lynx Award

AS! 3.5 + Webs Awards 10 + GTA 3
Your site,as listed above, has been chosen as one of the  Merit winners of The Lynx Award for July 2002. I enjoyed visiting your site and found it worthy of The Lynx Award. It is evident that you have put a lot of hard work in building your site. Again, Congratulations, you are in a select few to win this monthly award.
Best Regards, DJ

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Whispers Magazine Arts & Entertainment Award

AS! 3.5
Congratulations on a job well done. Please accept this little award as our way of paying tribute to all your hard work, talents, creativity, and knowledge.  We believe that your site will be of benefit to women everywhere. Your site will be placed in the Whispers Winners Circle beginning with the July 2002 issue.
Thank you,
Candalee (USA)

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Gadzillion Award

AS! 3.5
Congratulations! I enjoyed visiting your site. It is truly a plus
for the Internet and consequently I would like to
reward your efforts with the Gadzillion Award For
Creative Thought on the Internet. Take Care and Keep Thinking,
Don Fowler (Canada)

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ArtPro of the Web Award

AS! 3.5
Your site has won the "ArtPro of the Web Award" (...) Your site is excellent! Keep up the good work and again, Thank You for applying!
ArtPro Web Design

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JerryD's Award

AS! 3.5 + WebsAwards 9.5
Hi And Congratulations,
After carefully reviewing your site I feel that your site met our standards for JerryD's Silver Award. You have worked very hard on your site and it shows! You have a nice site with great graphics and we are pleased to award your site. We hope you will accept our Silver Award (...) The Award is not easy to get, so keep up the great work. Thank you for your interest in JerryD's Award Program. Best Regards,
JerryD (USA)

Catshark Award

AS! 3.5 + WebsAwards 10 + GTA 5 + UWSAG 5
It is with great pleasure that I inform you that you have won my Bronze Catshark Award.   You have a wonderful and interesting site filled with historical photos.  It was most interesting to learn about Argentina and Latin America through the eyes of your site.  Thank you so much for giving us the privilege of evaluating your beautiful site.
Warm Regards,
Cathleen (USA)

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Lofty webgod award

AS! 3.5 + WebsAwards 8.5 ARC Grade 2
Congratulations Andrea! I have reviewed your site thoroughly, and you are a WebGod! I am proud tohonor your exceptional site, Latin American Photography 1840-1920. M & M Cuarterolo´s Collection with a well deserved Lofty WebGod Award. Here is why I chose your site and what will appear on the winner's page : M & M Cuarterolo's Collection of Latin American photography is showcased in this beautiful site. The pages look like an old text, and feature spanish, and english versions in a bold side by side format. The navigation is simple to use, and the design is unique and consistent throughout. The highlight of the site is the exceptional photography, which will instantly transport the viewer back in time. I spent lots of time just looking at the photos and wondering about the life and times of the people in them. There is also an impressive collection of text to give the viewer more information about photography, and the times. Enjoy your award and thank you for being Lofty!
Sincerely, Valerie Cochran (USA)

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American Association of Webmasters Award

AS 3.5!
Your site at: has been selected to receive, The American Association of Webmasters, "Bronze Award", for website designs. Very simple and nice clean site.  Easy to load and pleasing to the eye.  Beautiful pictures. Congratulations once again! Sincerely, Donna Snyder (CEO and Founder)  American Association of Webmasters

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CW3 Design Excellence Award

AS! 3.5 + WebsAwards 9
Congratulations! Your site has won the "Design Excellence Award-Bronze". We extend our sincerest congratulations to you for the hard work you invested in creating a beautiful web site.

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4 Elements Award

AS! 3.5 + WebsAwards 9.5
Congratulations Andrea Cuarterolo! We, the Elements, reviewed your site and this is what we found: A great site full of pre and post century photos! We all had a great time viewing these International photographs. Taking a trip down the past and viewing faces and places that may have been our ancestors, people that may have known our ancestors, or possibly our ancestral land, is interesting. If even not part of our past - it still is nice to have an opportunity to visually grasp history. It's so surprising how one can have many ideas and thoughts of the past by just viewing a photo that was many years before our time. The M & M Cuarterolo´s Collection is a site with high interest for those who enjoy looking at old photographs. We proudly honor your website with the 4 ELEMENTS CONTENT AWARD We are proud of webmasters like yourself that contribute great design and content to the web so keep up the great work and always release the passion for creating

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The Standing Ovation Award

AS! 3.5 + WebsAwards 10
Congratulations!  Due to the excellent quality, artistry, and valuable content of your website, "Photography of Latin America" you have been awarded THE STANDING OVATION AWARD (rated 3.5).  I was particularly impressed with the educationalvalue of your site which an amazing amount of interesting and informative text regarding Latina photography. 
Sincerely, Laurie Swigart (USA)