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Jamsein Politics
Based of view addressed
in William James's "The Will to Belive
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Todays Masses
Based on the Text "Revolt of the Masses" by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
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Can we choose Good and Evil?
Based on the text "Existentialism and Humanism" by Jean Paul Sartre
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The Drug War: Can we win it?Is the cost in $ and rights to much?

Issues, Politics and Philosophy
Hate Crimes: Do we punish crimes of Hate, or is this punishment of thought going to far?
Uprising in Mexico:
Armed movment in Mexico that took down the PRI and started changing Mexico.
Liberation from Capital
based on Herbert Maruse's
Liberation from a Affluent Society
Readers Write: Love Bush, Hate him? Guns: Good or Bad? Capitalism vs Marxism, or anything you can think of. Send your ideas, and writing to me to be published on the site.
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Buisness Fallout of Enron:Satire
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Liberal Bias in the Media?
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IRAQ: Lies, Myths, Half Truths, and Facts Bush Wants to make go away.
Should we go to war? Are the Risks on both sides Real or Not?
Sept 11 from a overseas view Submited in May of 2002 by Pirya
The War on Terror
Israel/Palistine Conflict
So You may have notice I have not updated in a while, I had some major issues, and I tried to revamp the site abut it all fell apart and the prpgram I used is toast, so back to normal. I will try to get a 2004 Election page up in the next few days. I reworked the EZLN page into Spanish! well I had a computer do it, my Spanish is still lacking a bit, and its a large work. ALso keep going to the Message board, where I post daily. (pocketfullofshells) many members and tons of post per day!
Third Parties Politics
Large Essay on Third Parties in Minnesota. I Interviewed members of third parties to see what stops them from power.This draft was 27 pages, so be warrned, its long..
Bush and his war lies (FAIR.org)
Disaster Relief
Protect the Earth
Support the Disabled
"Religion, Weakness, and the Heard"
Based on text by Nietzsche
The War on Terror
Kerry V Bush: By David Shankle. A article putting into Questioning Kerry and his Campaign. Soon I will do a share my own views on Kerry.