Patriotic Buisnesses and Practices.
Enron: Energy trader
     Why they are a Patriotic company: Keeping California in the dark threw unlawful business practices. Also as a favor to all, those at the top sold all their stock when their accounting fudged the numbers showing huge profits while they hid expenses in secret accounts. In addition, moved profits to offshore accounts to avoid taxes, and padded their own bank accounts as well. Worked well until people found about the company was doing "fuzzy" accounting but even the poor a chance to buy stock in the company when it dropped to a few cents in a day (they help the poor who could not buy it at 80 bucks a share) Fine Capitalist managers received $744m in pay and bonuses during the year before the energy giant collapsed. And as a great feat of patriotic flare, they gave over 42000 workers a permanent vacation (without pay).
Arthor Anderson: Accounting Firm
     Just a nice little company helping peoples dreams come true. After all, we all wish we where rich and did not have to work for it. A.A. Has helped people like Ken Lay of Enron make his dream come true. It should be noted that he has now lost everything and only has a few billion left, a few less houses) After all its hard to keep track of the books as it is without having to watch 2 sets of them. Great job
WorldCom: Comunications Giant
Tired of watching the Patriots at Enron get nailed in the Media, WorldCom stepped up to point out that it also could be a patriot and make money from nothing. However, before we give them to much credit, again Arthur Anderson was coaching this team of business leaders. With 3.8 to 4.2 Billion moved around they have been able to pull of something we thought only Enron was able to do, help the poor with a stock drop down the just a few cents. Go ahead poor people, have some stock, its almost free! WorldCom exec. Bernard J. Ebbers told the House Financial Services Committee ""I do not believe I have anything to hide in these or any other proceedings," as he plead the fifth (as all good Patriots would when they have donít nothing wrong) WorldCom also was a leader in making loans for the poor. Top employees of the Laurel Web-hosting company were lent$7.2 million as of March. Of that total, $3.8 million went to eight senior executives, including $980,000 to chief executive Mark Schull. Helping people is what they did so well. Makes you want to use MCI (owned by WorldCom) to call them and say thanks. I know 6,000 former workers of WorldCom will
Merck Co: Medical
Just as I type this came out, Merck @ Co. (never heard of them) accounted 14 Billion ( 10% of its revenue for 1999) What other great deeds will come of this, we will have to wait. But until then thanks for keeping the Stock Market nice and High, even if we are not doing so well
PNC Financial Services Group
Martha Stewart: Come on you know her
Seems Stewart may be making crafts to decorate her new home (a 10 by 10 cell) as she may have tried to help the poor when her stock in her Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia stock dropped from 10.40 to 3.20. Lucky for her she sold almost 4,000 shares the day before. Some have said insider trading, but I think we all know she was going to use this money to knit sweaters for the homeless. Lets leave this patriot to do her goodness
One to watch: TYCO
Tyco. Rite Aid. Adelphia Communications. Dynegy. ImClone Systems.Xerox, K-mart, Walmart all to come soon. Also PNC Financial will be finnished.