"Bush vs. Kerry"
   As one of the longest general elections in recent history, this is
already appearing to be one of the most vicious as well. Being left
with no choice, President Bush has allowed John Kerry to swing first and swing
hard with the typical cheap shots that we've come to expect from this
Massachusetts liberal. He started with the desperate attempt to attack
Bush's military record, and then surprised even the most cynical of us
with the tired accusations that the election was stolen. Only a general
recap of Kerry's history will expose the hypocricy behind his campaign.

     Kerry constantly call himself a man of the people. This isn't
uncommon for a Democratic candidate. However, National Journal did a study on
all U.S. Senators. They based this study on each senator's voting history.
Senator Kennedy, the poster-boy of far left liberalism in America,
didn't even break into the top ten. Where was Senator Kerry on this list? John
Kerry was ranked the number one most liberal Senator in America! And
yet he calls himself a man of the people. I'm confused.

     Kerry attacks Bush for joining the National Guard as if it's a
dishonorable thing. He boasts about serving his country in Vietnam.
However, Kerry attempted to be exempt from the Vietnam war by "extending his
education." When he wasn't allowed, he quickly applied to be relieved
from service in the Navy after his third minor wound. Due to stipulations,
his application was accepted despite the lack in seriousness of his wounds.
If you think joining the National Guard is bad, keep in mind that Kerry
has voted against virtually every means of defense that this country now
uses. Needless to say, he was alone in his abominable endeavor.

     Kerry voted for the authorization of the war in Iraq he now claims
was unjust. However, he then voted against the occupation and
reconstruction of Iraq. What this means is Kerry voted not to finish something he voted
to start. To make things worse, Kerry described his reasons for voting for
military action was only to support diplomatic efforts and threats of

     Kerry pounds Bush for weakening the economy. However, despite an
inherited recession, two wars, several terrorist attacks, and corporate
corruption running rampid, President Bush has still managed to pull off
a fully recovered stock market, record low interest rates, and one of the
greatest quarters of economic growth in modern history.

     And at last, I think I've found the most ridiculous accusation
that Kerry has tried to pin on the President. He says that Bush stole the
election. Now it's this kind of nonsense that really sets me off. I
don't deny that Al Gore won the popular vote. However, luckily for George
Bush, the primaries had long been over. In the general election, the popular
vote is utterly irrelevant. It appears that Kerry decided to get some rest
during Electoral Processes 101 along with the rest of the Democratic Party.
What he can't seem to understand is that the general election is determined by
these things we Americans like to call "electoral colleges." And what he also
can't seem to grasp is the fact that all general elections have been
determined by the electoral colleges. This means Bush's role as the
leader of this nation is just as legitimate as Clinton's, Roosevelt's, and
every other Democrat for that matter.

     The fact is, Kerry is fickle, plain and simple. He voted for the
Iraq War, Patriot Act, and the No Child Left Behind Act. And yet he's now
relentlessly bashing all of these. If none of these things are current
enough for you, let's look at the fact that he is totally abandoning
his job as U.S. Senator as you read. John Kerry has been "AWOL" from his job in
the Senate at least 128 days over the past 14 months, missing 292 roll-call
votes last year, and every one of the 22 roll-call votes this year.
John Kerry has missed approximately 64 percent of his job in the Senate. We
know nothing about Kerry other than the fact that he opposes Bush. This has
been a common theme for the Democratic party. But at some point, if Kerry
wishes to get any significant amount of the popular vote, some self-definition
must be made. So far, Kerry is talking far too much about Bush, and not near
enough about Kerry. These smear campaign tactics will ultimately be the
death of John Kerry's political career. Maybe Kennedy will keep his
seat warm for him Massachusetts.
By David Shankle
Sent in Mon, 19 Apr 2004
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