Palestine and Israel: Death toll as of 2/24/02 is in the range of 930 Palestinians, and 230 Israeli’s

*Sharon (Israel) is nothing less then a war criminal who has lead his nation into a endless cycle of violence with no plan of ending it. Palestine is left in a situation that makes it impossible for them to do much to stop the violence. What logic does Sharon use when he hold up a nations leader, and attack police and security unites with Blackhawks and Apache’s, while telling Arafat to go out and arrest the leaders of Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Then take over whole towns and cities and kill anyone you think is a terrorist with no trial? Ask yourself, would you solve a crime problem by shooting the cops? What is Palestine to do, it has its hands tied trying to not be taken over, and defend its cities, yet is asked to have those people Israel wants in jail or face more attacks.

*In a "town hall meeting” held at the start of the current fighting, Israel claimed it was disadvantaged to have all the firepower that they get from the US. Tell that to the parents of a 10-year-old child shot while throwing rocks at troops from Israel who are in Palestinian territory.

*Added Hypocrisy: After Militants from Palestine Assassinated the head of Tourism in Israel, says that assignation is not acceptable and must be stopped. Israel then fires rockets from a chopper, killing a suspect, his driver, and his two kids. Seems to me that they just assassinated a Palestinians with no regard to others who would be killed. The examples of Israel assignations are too long to responsible for the September 1982 massacre of Palestinians, but they will be the first to say it is wrong. As a note, many in the army of Israel have they will no longer fight stating that they are being asked to commit war crimes against the people, and Sharon is in danger of losing power if he does not change policy soon.

Key Players:

Yasser Arafat: Leader of Palestine. Started when he formed Al Fatah, a terrorist organization after helping bring in arms during the war in around 1948. In1967 after the Arab-Israeli War, when the Arabs lost the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and West Bank, he became the leader of the PLO in 1968. After 20 years of attacks on Israel, won the Noble Peace Prize when he signed the Oslo Peace Accords with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, giving Palestine limited freedom.

Ariel Sharon: Prime Minister of Israel. In 1953, he founded and led the "101" special commando unit which carried out retaliatory operations. Then went on to serve in the Six Days War, and 1973 Yom Kippur War
as a commander of an armored division. Minister of Defense from 1981-83 until removed from office after being found responsible for the September 1982 massacre of Palestinians in refugee camps in Sabra & Shatila.Feb. 21, is elected PM of Israel in special election. Overall, while some may point out that Arafat is/was the leader of a terrorist group, the fact is that Sharon has been no less of a killer in his time, and has helped kill many Palestinian civilians. In addition, His nickname of "Bulldozer" comes from his policy of bulldozing Palestinian homes in order to put up Israeli settlements. He also was one of the loudest critics of the Peace process by Barak

Update 3/14/2000

After Days of some of the worst killing in years, as 31 Palestinians where killed and 7 Israelis where killed when Israeli forces moved in on more Palestinian refugee camps .The Camps are said to hiding known terrorist, and plotting more attacks, but no evidence has been found to justify this, at least none they told anyone about.These bloody attacks along with Palestinians moving in from the north border of Lebanon possibly adding a new front to the fighting.

U.S. mediator Anthony Zinni is about to start a round of talks, but is not expected to make any gains while Israel steps up attacks have been rising.

Along with this, more solders in the Israeli army have backed out of their duty, and stated they will not fight anymore. Aside from this growing movement, many where angered when a sniper killed many reserve solders at a checkpoint, after they stated many times they had no defense, and where open to attack.

Bush has told Israel pull all its military forces out of Palestinian-controlled areas of the West Bank and Gaza.

Arafat has been able to move around the west bank after Israeli forces moved back from his compound after the arrest of a more suspects in the assassination of a the head of tourism.

More Hypocrisy from Israel. A Hamas group recently fired home made rockets into an Israeli held area. Saying that these new rocket attacks cannot keep going on, Israel sends in military Choppers to fire (what else, rockets) at Palestinian Security forces

Isreal suffers a new bombing killing 16 and wounding more then 60. But after the recent move into Palistine, would we expect anything else? Israel did nothing but kill many people who did not have to die ( and some who maybe did) but pushed a new round of hate that will fall on the shoulders of the people it says it is protecting. If a act of protection makes more and more attacks likley, then what type of protection is this?

Israel wants to keep out the UN from looking for war crimes, and did just that. Make you think" what are they hiding?

On BBC radio today, a rep,. from Hamas who claimed responablity for the bloody attack, said that all people targeted, have been military, even if some are in civilan clothing. Ummm at least have the balls to just say, we don't like them in our land and we attacked the, Killing innocent people is bad as it is, but to make a clearly faulse ( I am willing ot be he belived this) is going to do nothing but show the ignorance that is found on the side of palistine. These groups much come to see that killing for the sake of killing will never bring a Palistinan state.
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