The War on  Terror
Anti-Taliban troops
What was the World Trade Center.
    One Sept 11, when terrorist killed around 3,000 people in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and 4 planes hijacted to use as bombs, the world of terrorism changed. No longer was pinpoint attacks, and asking other nations to help going to work, it was time to go to war. While I have deep reservations about the actions and use of the US Military I started thinking of joining. I like the rest of the US was pissed and wanted blood. Some say Violance can not stop violance, but when you have the firepower the US has, you can if you are willing to use it.

    One of the biggest things people against the war point out is that many innocent people will and have been killed.  Yes, this is true, but 3,000 where killed on the 11th, and who knows how many they had killed in Afganistan and other places already. Men and Women killed for not following the strict views of Islam held by the Taliban, or disagreement with them. Is it moral to sit back while a nation is ruled but a outside group, at one time supported by the US? All efforts are made to avoive killing civilans, but it will happen. Even if you think the US army does not care about them, it is a bad idea in any case to kill civilans when you want the support of a nation as so great pains are taken to avoid this.

    With Afganistan under the control of a new leader who we all hope can bring the nation back to life, Bush has started to look at new targets, and this is where is starts to fall apart.

    We do not seem to have  a clear policy on where we are going, who we are helping, and how we plan to get out of these areas.Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Samalia, Georgia, Indonisha,Columbia, N. Korea, and others are all out on the table. Can the US support a war on this many fronts and protect itsself? Only a year ago Bush claimed we hwer spread out to far, and called for bring our tropps home. But now we are going into far more areas then before. Often its a small group of trainers, but it takes little before we may be forced into getting more involved in any of these areas.

    I think it is time to step back, look what we have done, what we want done, and when we will say its time to move on.

Iraq is the most likey to be Hit after the US is done in Afganistan, and some say it can happen any time now. Look for a special section in this area soon.