Begun 2001

Volume 1, Issue 1

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By  Alyza

12 Year old boy killed by Palestinains:
A 12 year old boy, who had appeared to have been caught in a cross-fire as his father tried to protect him, was shot by Palestinians.  Ballistic evidence indicates that the Israeli's could not have shot the boy.  The angle of the bullet hole on the wall behind him is straight on, the whole round.  Had it been from the Israeli position, it would have been a horizontal oval.  Evidence indicates that the boy was shot from a position near by the Arab cameraman working for French TV.  It is possible that, rather than the bullet going through the boy, the bullet may have hit the wall, causing shrapnel to kill the boy, according to a former military man there would have been blood on the wall behind the boy if it went through him.  This bullet, says other sources, must have gone through the boy. (Arutz Sheva Oct. 31, 2000, Jerusalem Post, and Incident at Netzarim, WND

Sharon and the Temple Mount -- Some Opinions
The world opinion largely holds that  Sharon's visit to

the Temple Mount was the cause of the current violence.  Many in Israel, however, believe that it was just an excuse.  Sharon had permission to visit the holiest site in Judaism.  When he came up on the Temple Mount, he saw piles of rocks there stockpiled near the top of the Western Wall.  The Palestinians, says this opinion, were already preparing for violence.  They add that it was before Sharon's visit that a PA policeman murdered his Jewish partner.  It was also before this pre-approved visit that  a Jew was murdered with a road side bomb .(primary source: Camera Oct 10 update.  See also quotes on page 2)

Palestinians use Children as Shields
Palestinian children are the first to approach an Israeli position outside of PA administered land.  They approach with brick sized rocks and firebombs.  In among the children are adults, using the children as shields.  These adults are armed with guns.  The queen of Norway has condemned this as a cynical use of children. The Jerusalem Post reported on

October 5, of the reward offered parents -- $300 for a wounded child, $2000 if their child was killed. ( Jerusalem Post , Oct 5th edition)

Joseph's Tomb Destroyed
After the IDF left the tomb of Joseph, noted as well known even by Mark Twain, the PA, who had promised to protect the Jewish holy site, destroyed the Tomb and the Yeshiva attached to it.  Rebuilding it, they painted the dome green and claim that it is not Joseph's tomb at all, but that of a Muslim Sheikh. (Jerusalem Post Oct 8 edition and Aish HaTorah)

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