Science confirms the truth stated in the Qur'an 1400 years ago.
According to Quran, there are three main purposes of Stars:
1.To decorate the sky,
2.To guide travelers,
3.To hit Shayatin/evil jinns from evasdropping.

It is ironic t
hat with all the technology we have, we have not reached the borders of the first heaven let alone the seventh and yet we feel we know everything.
Credit: NASA
  In the above verses, Allah tells us in the Holy Quran that when the sky spilts, it looks like a growing rose
  (shapes of a rose, from the stage of a bud to a fully grown flower). It was revealed to Prophet (pbuh) 1400 years ago, and it has just been proved by NASA.
Explantion by NASA: 3000 Light years away, a dying star throws off shell of growing gas. Images from Hubble space telescope.
Allah Tallah says in Quran:
"We have made these stars for shooting the Shayatin(evil jinns)."
[Before the time of Prophet (pbuh) Shayatin/jinns were permitted to go up to the heavens (lower levels of the sky).
They took advantage of this and would therefore listen to the angel's coverstaion. However since the time Holy Prophet pbuh was sent and given the Holy Book, the doors of the heavens were closed for them.
Consequently whenever a shaitan/ evil jinn tries to go up to heaven, stars are shot at them. A shooting star does not mean that the whole sar is targeteted at them. If the whole star was shot, it will destroy the whole universe. Hence, a flame of a fire comes from this star that is shot at Shayatin/evil Jinns.
Why do these shyatin/ evil Jinns go to the heavens (lower levels of the skys) to listen to the angels? The reason is because normally discuss things that will be happening in the world. Thus shayatin love to acquire such information as they create a plot and simultaneously give this info to those people who are  working for them or with them(satan worshipers, magicians, witch craft performers, psychics etc)
Prophet pbuh said:" Shayatin would hear something and inform that person; thereafter,
this person will mix 100 lies with the information given." ( Bukhari H#2971)
Although shayatin/evil jinns are scared of the shooting stars, they still take their chances, always trying and taking turns to hear a few words.
Al-Quran :
"And verily We have beautified the whole world's heavens with lamps, and We have made such lamps as missiles to drive away the Shaitan (devils)" [67:5-Al-Mulk]
Al-Quran :
" And we sought to reach Heavens; but found it filled with stern guards and flaming fires. And verily we used to sit there in stations to steal a hearing but any one who listens now will find a flaming fire watching him in ambush.are  (Source of light for the  moon) " [72:8-9 Al-Jinn]
Jinns and satan try to eavesdrop to learn about the future so they can share those news with their followers (satan worshipers, fortune tellers etc)  but they cant cross the limits created by Allah and if they try they get hit and burnt by blazing fires and as a result we see a shooting star.
Al-Quran :
"Do you not see how Allah ahs created the seven heavens, one above the other.
And made the moon there in a light  and made the sun a lamp (Source of light for the  moon) " [71:15-16  Nuh]
Quran taught us that Sun is the source of light for moon's brightness at night, it doesnt have light of any kind of its own. A recent discovery made by modern scientists in 1900s proved it to be true!!!!!
                                       Allah Ta' lah says in Quran:
"The One who created seven heavens one above another."
"You can not see any fault in the creation of the Al-Rhaman, the most Beneficient One."
"Look again, do you see any rifts(holes, damages and faults) that Allah created something imperfect."
" Then look again and yet again."
" Your gaze will come back to you humiliated."

" It will be exhausted."

" We have decorated the first heavens with the lamps (stars)."
For some reasons many people/scientists feel they have seen and observed everything that exist in the world. They are under the perception that they know about the entire universe and that nothing is hidden from them.
Nevertheless people thought similarly 30 years ago. And gradually as science advanced with time, scientists were able to do much more intensive research. They came to the conclusion that those people did not know enough as we know better.
This process will continually advance but the knowledge of humans will only reach a certain point.
Allah says in Quran:
" And they will never compass anything of His Knowledge except that which He wills." [2:255]

It is ironic t
hat with all the technology we have, we have not reached the borders of the first heaven let alone the seventh and yet we feel we know everything.