I went on a hiking trip on July 26, 2003. These are pictures of my trip. Dad and I hiked to the Two Mouth Lakes in the Selkirk Mountain Range in northern Idaho. The trip was too long (7 miles round trip), but it was fun. If you have questions about it, or want the full-size pictures, please e-mail me. I found out what was wrong. The program capitalized the .jpg at the end of each photo, but didn't show that part.
We saw this mountain on the way up. I'm not sure what it's called. I want to know what it's called! On the way up to the mountain, we encountered this rock. Even rock can be bent! This is one picture of one of the streams we passed.
Once we were nearly there, dad spotted a toad. More water. I'm not sure what this mountain is called.
the beauty of nature Indian Paint Brush Pretty moss!
These were just pretty things I found. I almost got the hot guy who was here in this pic "for perspective" but I chickened out. What type of fungi is this? Is it a mushroom?
Dad putting his head under water in a stream Dad standing at 6080' elevation. The highest point of our hike.
Dad caught a fish. This was a 14" trout. I caught a snake! What type is he?
Malacosoma californicium a.k.a. the Western tent caterpillar. I don't know the name of this mountain. They were really purple! That's it for the hiking photos.