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Hello!  Welcome to our site.  Pull up a chair and sit down for a read!  Well, you're here, so maybe you'd like to read some fiction?  Or would you like to have a look at the stuff on writers?  Close your eyes and take a stab, see what link you end up on!!

Here, you'll find links to the first chapters of two future fantasy novels (hehe), Tears of the Angels and Of Wyverns and Singing Stones.  We hope to get other people involved in this soon, so if you have anything to contribute, clicking on the image of Hopper at the bottom of this page will email the webminder.  And of course, any comment on our stuff will be welcome!  It's easy to navigate this site, just follow Hopper back to this page if you ever get lost!

This site started by Averling on 4th March 2002


Links to Story Chapters

Tears of the AngelsOf Wyverns and Singing Stones
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Author: Mandorallen

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Author: Averling

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Fantasy Authors: Their Stories and Links

James Barclay Susan Cooper David Eddings
Maggie Furey Terry Goodkind Robin Hobb
John Houghton J V Jones Robert Jordan
Katherine Kerr C S Lewis George R R Martin
Anne McCaffrey Phillip Pullman Jan Siegel
JRR Tolkien Tad Williams Janny Wurts


2003:- Look out for reviews on books by Robin Hobb, David Farland, Raymond Feist, and contributors to the Fantasy Masterworks series.

2006:- I know, I know...No-one's bothered to review David Farland, Raymond Feist...Life got in the way! I'm just about to email Mandorallen and get him to review the last few books of the Wheel of Time since he's the expert on that series (Averling).

All books that we could find by the authors are listed with cover pictures that are copywrited to the artists.  A good 99% of these books can be found on Amazon.  Reviews are written by whoever happens to have read the books and are in progress so please be patient.  Ratings are given by whoever has read the particular book, out of 5.  The symbol by the rating number shows who's it is.  For example,  5 is a rating of 5 out of 5 for that particular book by Averling.  In the future,  we plan to do detailed reviews of all books to be linked to through the cover picture,  but this is still at the planning stage.


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