Yeah, I'm lazy -_- so, click here for my LJ icons, cause that's where they need to be hosted so I can hotlink em.
[I know I don't have many, but I've had less and less time to have a life with school started and almost all honors classes and the stress and grr... ok sorry. Just don't expect a lot to be up soon.]
I can't make up my mind for anything. But maybe I'm going to have a featured pic if I feel like it, or have a good pic to post, and going to post LiveJournal Icons I've made here as well, since I need to host them on a site if I want them in the community. But the LiveJournal icons can be used for other things too, they're just all going to be 100x100...I think. Ok, you're probly not even gonna read this, so! If you're going to use a picture or icon [for personal use only, i.e. your journal or somewhere on your computer, not on your own site for OTHER people to take as well], tell/ask me first. Yea I haven't decided wether I want you to just tell me or actually ask me, so take advantage of that for now. Ja.

* * * * *

LiveJournal Icons I've made so far:
. : I m a g e s : .