- more to come!-
Duo X Heero/Heero X Duo

Aww, another cute one ^^ I luv em! Either way =P I think Duo makes the better uke, but seme Duo is interesting too ^^
Fuuma X Kamui

I like watching bishies suffer ^^ so this couple is really nice. Fuuma [Dark Kamui?] is like, sadistic =P yummi.
Aya X Ken

Bad pic, but I love this pairing the most out of all the WK pairings you can think of! They're both sexi =P
**If anyone can find me (or make me ^^ I'd give credit and major thanx!) [square] icons for the below couples, it'd be very much appreciated ^^**
: : Yaoi/Shounen Ai Couples : :
Hehe, I love shounen ai couples! So I've decided to give all my favorite ones their own page! I'll try to see if I can get pics of all of em up here...

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Dark X Daisuke

Hehe ^^ Another really cute couple.  Okay, so mebbe they're not REALLY together, and physically they couldn't really... but it'd be cute =/
Yuki X Shuichi

I think they're one of the cutest couples ever! I love em both! But I think their lil love story is what makes them such a great couple. And I love Yuki ^^ even tho he is 'insanely mean'.
Yami X Yugi

So this pairing isn't really a couple either, but hey ^_~ a fangirl can dream. I think they're extra cute cuz they look alike ^^