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 October 2000 (English)


Islands of Hatred - Meet the Middle East Terrorits (30/10/2000) #546
Sabah-al-kheir. Ana min Bulanda (Good morning, I come from Poland), can we talk?', I addressed him in Arabic, pretending to know the language. After he sat down, I said I would prefer to talk in Indonesian. He summoned an interpreter. Consequently, I switched to English. I knew already that he was not Indonesian, but an arrival from another part of Asia or the Middle East.

Indonesia Gov't must stop Killings in the Moluccas (30/10/2000) #545
Many people who witness the violent attacks confirmed that, although the Indonesian Army was present during the attacks, either nothing was done to protect the villagers or some of the soldiers actually joined the aggressors in shooting at the escaping villagers. Unfortunately, even people such as the current leader of the People's Consultative Assembly, Dr. Amien Rais, openly supported calls for Jihad or an Islamic holy war against the Christians and other religious believers in Indonesia.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 85 (30/10/2000) #544
MINISTERS TO VISIT AMBON - Tomorrow, October 31, 13 Ministers of State from Jakarta are scheduled to come to Ambon to observe the situation and condition in the Moluccas.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 84 (27/10/2000) #540
CONTINUATION OF THE CONFLICT ON THE ISLAND OF SAPARUA - In the early morning of October 26, the christian villages of Ulath and Ouw on the island of Saparua again became the target of an assault from the side of nearby Sirisori Islam.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 83 (26/10/2000) #539
TWELVE JIHAD FIGHTERS ARRESTED - On the holy day of Isra Mi'raj Nabi Muhammad SAW, October 25, from 1.00 a.m. to 3.00 a.m. a nocturnal attack was launched by muslim/jihad forces on targets at the western outskirts of the town of Ambon, namely on Gunung Nona (which means Maiden Mountain), where the TV-Station is located, Benteng Atas (Upper Benteng) and Airsalobar.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 82 (24/10/2000) #537
VISIT CONSUL GENERAL USA - Yesterday USA Consul General Robert Pollard came to Ambon to have meetings with the governor and several other officials, including separate meetings with leaders of the muslim and christian communities, the latter of which are to be held today. It is his second vist to Ambon. The dialogue is likely to focus on humanitarian aid and on facilitating reconciliation efforts.

An Appeal to the International Community in Relation to the Human Tragedy in the Moluccas (23/10/2000) #535
Up to now the Jihad forces are still attacking and destroying the Moluccan community. It is the same as with the pro integration militia in Timor-timur, there is no party within the country who is able to stop or expel these forces from the Moluccas. The Government along with the security forces are no longer acting as protector and upholder of Human Rights in the Moluccas. The political and military network behind the conflict in the Moluccas has proved to be difficult for the government to dismantle and to overcome.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 81 (23/10/2000) #534
CONFLICT ON THE ISLAND OF SAPARUA FLARES UP AGAIN - At 8.00 a.m. on Sunday, October 22, as the christians of the village of Ulath (island of Saparua) were preparing to go to church, their village was attacked again by masses that came from Sirisori Islam. The assailants were beaten off by the villagers and local security forces.

GUNS, PAMPHLETS AND HANDIE-TALKIES (1  2  3  4  5): How the military exploited local ethno-religious tensions in Maluku to preserve their political and economic privileges - G. J. Aditjondro (21/10/2000) #533
Revised paper for the Proceedings of the Conference on "Conflicts and Violence in Indonesia," organised by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Department of African and Asian Studies, Humboldt-University in Berlin, July 3-5, 2000.

download the article in ZIP format

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 80 (20/10/2000) #532
RECENT CONFLICT ON CERAM - (see yesterday's Report no. 3). The attack on the village of Waitasi, not far from Kairatu, South Ceram, on October 17, was launched at about 11.00 a.m. and could be stopped by local security forces at about 5.00 p.m. The attack was carried out both by civilians of the village itself and by masses that had come from the villages of Kelapa Dua and Latuhualoi.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 79 (19/10/2000) #531
AGAIN CONFLICT ON CERAM - Waitasi is a christian settlement in the mountains, not far from Kairatu on the south coast of the island of Ceram. Siwalima newspaper reports that in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 17, Waitasi was attacked by masses that are thought to have come from the islam settlements of Kelapa Dua and Pakarena. Any number of casualties or number of houses burnt is still unknown due to lack of proper communication facilities with the site.

Crisis Centre Docese of Amboina - Report no. 78 (17/10/2000) #527
The Moluccans were not facing each other, but they together should face conspiration of certain elite persons on national level to destroy the Moluccas. The laskar jihad should be left alone: they are not our business, but the central government's business. But they should not participate in this dialogue. Also the muslims' condition that the christians should apologize to the muslims first, should be dropped. If there were to put a precondition to this dialogue, it should be an apology by local and national leaders of government, military and police for what they have done or permitted to be done to the Moluccans.

Crisis Centre Docese of Amboina - Report no. 77 (16/10/2000) #526
SECURITY FORCES UNDER THREAT - On Saturday morning, October 14, army batallion Yonif 141 was attacked at their location in the neighbourhoods of Rinjani and Kebun Cengkeh (outskirts of Ambon town), resulting in tenseness in Galala, Hative Kecil, Halong and Karang Panjang. The attackers (muslims) are supposed to try and oust these military who had previously driven muslim forces back during the attack on Galala on October 12, when at least 5 of the attackers had been killed and 27 wounded.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 76 (14/10/2000) #521
The delegation of the European Union, which arrived at Ambon on October 12 (see yesterday's report no.2), yesterday had meetings with the military chief commander, I Made Yasa, and his staff, with police chier commander, Firman Gani and his staff, with the MUI = muslim leaders at the Al-Fatah Mosque compound, with the Diocese of Amboina and with the leaders of the Moluccas Protestant Church (GPM - Gereja Protestan Maluku). There was no meeting with laskar jihad on the programme.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 75 (13/10/2000) #520
After their failure to occupy Suli, muslim and jihad forces shifted their attention to some villages east of the town of Ambon: Galala, Hative Kecil (Gatik) and Halong Atas ("Atas" = Upper). The attacked was launched at about 6.30 a.m., starting from Tantui and Galunggung (Ambon town), after encircling their target and coming down from the hills to the north.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina Report no. 74 (12/10/2000) #517
This morning the christian villages of Galala and Halong, near Ambon town, were assaulted, both from the islam stronghold of Poka at the opposite shore of the bay, and from the muslim neighbourhoods of Galunggung and Air Besar. No details are available yet, except that security forces succeeded in deflecting the attackers.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 73 (11/10/2000) #515
Already having been attacked on September 25 and September 28, yesterday starting at 6.00 a.m., the christian village of Suli was attacked the third time. One christian civilian (Wim Matakena) and one Brimob policeman (Albert Makaliu) were killed; three people were wounded. The assailants, muslim and jihad warriors, launched a totally unexpected attack, causing the Suli residents fleeing in panic.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 72 (10/10/2000) #511
the attack on Sirisori Amalatu (christian) during these last few days was carried out with mortars and organic weaponry, outdoing the weapons of the security forces. 171 houses and the protestant church were destroyed.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 71 (09/10/2000) #506
Among the christians there are rumours that there are undeniable indications that attacks are to be carried out by Laksar Jihad troops on the neighbourhoods of Benteng, Kudamati and Batugantung tomorrow or at least within a few days.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 70 (05/10/2000) #504
The reporting by the Responsible of the CES to the government in Jakarta is not always according to the facts, so that the Central CES in Jakarta often takes inappropriate measures, causing escalation of the conflict and adding to the suffering of the Moluccans. This is a statement by the TAPAK (Team Advokasi Penyelesaian Kasus Ambon = Advocation Team to end the Conflict in Ambon.

Notes on the Jihad forces in Maluku (04/10/2000) #501
The jihad forces must also have widespread support from police commanders in West Java, Jakarta, and Ambon, since they could freely carry out their military training near Bogor, brandish their swords publicly when they demonstrated at the parliament. And, in Ambon, enable their containers full of weapons to be disembarked at the harbour, which lies in Muslim-controlled Waihoang, instead of in the Navy harbour of Halong or to be moved immediately to the Pattimura army headquarters in Ambon.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 69 (02/10/2000) #499
A sum-up of the loss of physical facilities of the Catholic Church in the Moluccas and North Moluccas due to the unrest, since the conflict started in January 1999: 58 church buildings burned or destroyed, 39 schools, 1 orphanage, 4 Sisters' convents and 3 hospitals burned/destroyed, 1 pilgrimage centre destroyed. Since the catholics account for only 5% of the population of the Moluccas, whereas the protestant christians number about 45%, the loss of physical facilities among the protestants must be enormous.

Archives of News and Articles from September 2000

The Systematic Murder of Moluccan Christians (29/09/2000) #497
The fact of the matter is, the military pretend to be the protector of the people, but in reality they are still actively aiding the Moslems in destroying the Christians population in the Moluccan islands. It is obvious that the military and the Moslem jihad have a “symbiotic” relationship. The military like to preserve their dual function in the Indonesian society, while on the other hand the fundamentalist Moslem would see that Indonesia become an Islamic state. It's inaccurate to say that what happen in the islands is a result of a sectarian war between Moslems and Christians.

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