The Goddess Paintings above are from an amazing artist that I found on the Net named Jonathon Earl Bowser.     You can see some of my favourites by clicking on this text.....
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High Priestess's Rooms..
The Boudoir..
Temple of the Trannie Goddess
    Ambrija.... \"Am as in Damn \ Bri as in Free \ Ja as in Rasta"
        Indian Sanskrit name meaning born of the Lotus Flower....
My Girlfriends..
           Darlins, I'm now a New Member of the Beautiful Boudettes...Please click here to have a Squiz at their lovely Site.
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Ambrija's Temple of the Trannie Goddess.
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Out and About In London Town....
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Hey Darlins..
This is my little site devoted to our own special Goddess of Happiness and Light
The one who looks after us in times of stress and guilt, who helps when we think that all is wrong, who gives us the warnings and help with the looks...
The One true Goddess of Trannies
She has no name, but to me she is everything.

ps. Its also a lot of new pics of my friends and
    me and helps me remember who I can be....
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Hello and Welcome to My Beautiful Friends who come here often and those who just venture in for a tiny my little pictureque haven on the world wide wonderful wandagolous web...
I'm sorry to you all for not updating my site for sooooo long now...but been busy doin a lot of  life stuff (and been a bit lazy too)...and havent had the time to get here for ages and and have a play...
I promise you though over the next few weeks I will be revamping me and my site to another fantasmagorical self........I hope with all my heart  that you will come again and say Hey How Ya Doin.....cause I would reaaaaaallly realllllllllllllllyy enjoy your visit....Lots of Loves and Lippies... Brii....