My Car
I had picked up my 8 yr old neice at the airport at 10:00am the morning of 4/2/04. I went to work in El Sugundo, CA, like I do every Friday morning. I got on the road about 11:30am to head back to the valley. Going to have lunch with my mom and my neice.

I looked in front of me and saw a a small grey car in front of me about 3-5 car lengths ahead. My neice had stopped talking and I took a quick glance at her and noticed that she had fallen asleep in the car beside me in the passenger seat.  I looked up and saw that traffic was moving nicely and that I needed to get over to get on the 101 North from the 405 North. I looked in my right mirror so I could change lanes. When I looked back up I saw the break lights of a white SUV in front of me. I guess that while I was looking in my right mirror, she had gotten in front of me from my left side. I slammed on my breaks and with both legs straight. I put my arm over in front of my neice, and I hit the SUV.  Traffic all around me was still moving.  I have no clue why she was stopped. I didn't care. My neice was screaming, and telling me that her belly hurt and that she couldn't breath. I saw blood, I paniced because I thought it was her. I felt a little something on my upper lip, it was my nose. I also burned my arm (2nd degree burn) from her air bag from where my arm was in front of her face and I also have burns on my neck and left shouder from my airbag.  I have a big black bruise on my chest from the seat belt.  I sprained my right wrist and did something to the left (not sure what though) She has a small mark on her forehead from her airbag and a bruise and seatbelt mark on her abdomen from the seatbelt.  We both came out of this walking and counting our blessings. It could have been so much worse. We are both fine. I am out of work for  several days, but nothing that I will not get over. But here are some pictures from the tow yard this morning, 4/5/04.