The Artwork of Dorothy Y. Graham


American 20th Century Artist (1918 - 2001) Biography (under construction)

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The Artist: Dorothy Y. Graham
OILS AND WATERCOLORS: Abstracts Animals (domestic) Area Communities

Art Class Studies By The Water Environmental and Wildlife Works

Early Works (mainly pre- 1950) Early Works-Unstretched Canvases (mainly pre-1950)

Final Works Flower Gardens Foreign Places & People Groups of People (not featured elsewhere)

Along the Hennepin Canal Model-Portraits Nudes and Semi-nude Studies (not featured elsewhere)

Prints Religious Works Rural Scenes (not featured elsewhere) Still Life Studies

Watercolors - The Early Works (pre-1960) Watercolors - Later Works

OTHER ARTISTIC MEDIUMS: Art Glass Assembledges Chalk, Charcoal, and Pastels

Clay Figures Fiberglass Iron Works Pen and Ink Sketches Pencil Sketches (older and newer broken out at that site) Miscellaneous Screens OTHER ARTISTS' WORKS (Artistic works done by people with whom she worked, studied, and associated. ) : Other Artists' Works

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