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~!~Gerth Brooks~!~

Thicker Than Blood
Garth Brooks

She was born in Kansas City, raised in Arkansas
Fell in love with an "ex-Marine"
She already had three babies; he had one of his own
They came together for another and me

Our family never shared the same last name
But our family was a family, the same
(and they say) blood is thicker than water
Oh, but love is thicker than blood

Wreck out on the highway, rain falling down
Lord, he must have fell asleep at the wheel
There's a number of people just standing around
Lord, I can't condemn the fear that they feel

For that river of red could be the death of me
God, give me strength and keep reminding me
That blood is thicker than water
Oh, but love is thicker than blood

And if blood is thicker than water
Then what are we fighting for
We're all sons and daughters
Of something that means so much more

I see it on my TV but I can't understand
Lord, it's one big contradiction to me
How in god's name we love thy neighbor with fists
In our hands
And kill each other when we just don't agree

Why can't we see the walls we can't see through
And see what God's been telling me and you
(and that is) blood is thicker than water
Oh, but love, love is thicker than blood