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Spaceworker's Union of Cularin Local 1138

Spaceworker's Union of Cularin Local 1138

Quit as of 20040728
All Disadvantage still in effect/ Objectives 2, 4, and 5 only ones still in effect.

Spaceworker's Union of Cularin Local 1138
Hero Lx Nder Drake RPGA#157412
Player Eduardo De Jesus
Starship:Lady's Delight
Mission To support independent operators who bring goods and profit to Cularin via starship or the plying of their trade(s).
A.K.A.Spacer's Union (informal),The Smuggler 's Consortium
Allies The Crimelord Nirama,Cularin Militia,Ma'Haffee Shipyards
Rivals The Office of Peace and Security,Customs Inspectors,the Cularin Trade Alliance

Innate/Beginning Advantages
Courier License provides a +5 circumstance modifier to any Bluff or Diplomacy roll made to retain Restricted (but not Military or Illegal)equipment when confronted by a Customs or authorized security check.Attempt permitted once per adventure.

After the completion of a adventure,the member may have one piece of restricted equipment that was confiscated by law enforcement authorities in that adventure returned/replaced.This favor may be used on behalf of another hero who participated in the adventure.This is not useable for confiscated illegal or military grade items and all other penalties (fines,jail time) still remain.Record notes on the log sheet.

Free Hangar access at: Cularin,Tolea Biqua,Nirama's asteroid bases

Advantages granted
Circumstance bonus:+5 Making an Appraise skill check to evaluate illegal or smuggled goods. May be used once per adventure.

Circumstance bonus:+5 When making Knowledge (Streetwise)skill checks that concern the criminal element. May be used once per adventure.

Income Modifier +1d6 added to the result of any roll for income (e.g.+100-600 credits). Taking 10 is not allowed,due to the "nature " of this extra business.

Circumstance penalty:-5 When trying to avoid an inspection at the hands of any law enforcement agency. Penalty always in effect.

Circumstance penalty:-5 When interacting with agents of any Hutt-based criminal organization. Penalty always in effect.

Dues: See 'Obligation' below
Obligation: A Union due of 250 credits must be paid each adventure that is played (Note on log sheet). A Union member may not retain any Employment Certificate.
Effect if not carried out: No innate advantages of membership may be used during adventure, but all disadvantages and Objective Certificate benefits still apply. Objective Certificates cannot be completed if the member has not paid up their Union dues.

Objective Certificate Requirements (Available to confirmed Union members): Membership in the Spacer's Union provides heroes with tangible benefits,when certain objectives are accomplished. In the interests of game balance and role-playing,these restrictions apply:
Objective Certificate 5 can only be completed after Objectives 1-4 are complete.Objective 1-4 can be completed in any order
Only one Objective Certificate can be completed during any adventure,thus it would take minimum of 7 adventures to complete all Objectives, provided all requirements were met
Your GM for any adventure is free to interpret or deny the context of any Objective Certificate for story balance

Objective Certificates:
Objective 1: Life of the "Independent Contractor " Requires:Purchase 1,000-10,000 credits worth of legal goods and transfer them via ship to any other starport where they are sold vi Union contract.

GM sign-off: Maryrita Steinhour RPGA#135614
Date played: 2004 01 31
&adventure: Jedi Code 3 The Darkside Beckons

Objective 1 Benefit : Roll 1d4.On a 1,2 or 3 you earn 100,200 or 300 credits per every 1,000 credits you invested (Your max. return is 3,000 credits on 10,000 credits invested).On a roll of 4,you loose 50%of your investment due to some form of entanglement ' ,and make no profit at all.This objective can be repeated in future adventures (one attempt per adventure)if the adventure nd GM allow it.

Objective 2:'3,627 to 1 !' Requires:Act as a crew member on any starship during flight into any asteroid belt.

GM sign-off: Maryrita Steinhour RPGA#135614
Date played: 2004 01 31
&adventure: Jedi Code 2 The Way of the Force

Objective 2 Benefit: You grant a +2 circumstance bonus to any pilot checks on starships you crew when flying into an asteroid belt (+3 in the Cularin asteroid belt).You do not need to be the pilot to grant this bonus.

Objective 3:'The best pilots can be found there ' Requires:Partake in any 3 adventures that either involve space combat,or that take your hero outside of Cularin.[X][X][X]

GM sign-off:Chris Bradshaw RPGA# 840170
Date played:2004 04 26
&adventures:Belted In 3 Recursion(Online)
e-mail: chrisbradshaw007@yahoo.com

GM sign-off:P. Alan LaChapelle RPGA# 6019878
Date played:2004 06 21
&adventures:Contract AA23 (Online)
e-mail: qui_lan01@yahoo.com

GM sign-off:P. Alan LaChapelle RPGA# 6019878
Date played:2004 07 08
&adventures:At Your Service (Online)
e-mail: qui_lan01@yahoo.com

Objective 3 Benefit: Your exploits are starting to pay more dividends for you.Add 1d8 (instead of 1d6)to your income rolls t the beginning of adventures.Add 1d10 (instead of 1d8)if you have your own starship.

Objective 4:The benefits of membership Requires:Redeem (void)any Favor of Nirama ' certificate.

GM sign-off: Mike Schleigh RPGA# 823223
Date played: 2004 02 09
Permit for - Smuggling Compartment

Objective 4 Benefit: A smuggling compartment with a capacity of 15kg (DC35 Search or DC 40 Spot)is installed aboard your privately owned vessel OR gain one Forged (DC30)license permitting the ownership and use of one of the following restricted item types:Heavy Blaster,Blaster Carbine,Blaster Rifle,Vibro Axe,Security Tool Kit. Please note which item type the permit applies to above.

Objective 5:'I 've made a few modifications. Trust me.' Requires:A DC 30 repair check on your own or another player 's starship. You may not take 20, and up to 2 heroes or droids may assist on this check.

GM sign-off:P. Alan LaChapelle RPGA# 6019878
Date played:2004 07 08
&adventures:At Your Service (Online) e-mail: qui_lan01@yahoo.com

Objective 5 Benefit:
When completed, this certificate may be applied to the hero 's own ship,or another hero 's ship,provided that the other hero was present during this adventure. Failure to make the DC for the Repair skill check means that you must wait one more adventure to make another attempt.
'She may not look like much '
Starship name (and Make/Model):_Ladys Delight YT 1300____________________
Please select one (and only one)of the following modifications.A starship may only ever have one of these modifications installed:

_X_Retractable Blaster Cannon (Fire Arc:Turret;Attack Bonus:+4 (+4 Fire Control);Damage:4d8; Range Modifiers:PB/S/M/L n/a;Range Increment:50m; Special:DC 35 to locate)

___The ship's primary hyperdrive is upgraded to x1 (no additional benefit if the rating is already x1)

___A thruster booster can be activated once per adventure providing a +2 equipment bonus to the Starship's Defense,and a +1 square increase to the ship's speed in space.This boost lasts for 1d4+2 rounds before the enhacement conduits burn out and must be replaced at a cost of 750 credits.

___A shield booster increases the recharge rate of the ship's shields.Once per adventure,the booster can be activated and doubles the number of shield points restored by the Shield Operator (See RCR p 225)for 1d3+1 rounds. This effect does not increase the maximum shield capacity. Any upgrades to the ship's shield grid will cost an additional 10%given the non-standard nature of this upgrade.

Hero that performed this work:____Tweak______________________________
Authorizing Judge:__P. Alan LaChapelle ____RPGA #:__RPGA# 6019878 ___
Date:2004 07 08_______Adventure & Convention:_At Your Service,_______

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