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I cut a deal with the devil himself and have paided the price. Some people deal with grief crying, others get angry, or get even. Once my tears dried up, I started making the calls. Wu was trying to get me to understand anger leads to an early grave. I know this, Gypsy taught me this long ago. The difference was he had his implants forced upon him. I went seeking them out. I was glad to have had his old pocket secretary. I used it to called in a lot of favors. Then I spent the last two years in the hospitals or paying off this debt I earned. It was worth it. Joi Toi died two years ago when I lost my lover to the shadows. Now when Claudia needs Gypsy the most he's dead, but that's ok. The shadows create widows all the time. So it's only fair that the Widowmaker answers Claudia call, and those in the shadows will soon understand, payment will be collected in full.

Koda came through with flying colors, some slight modifications to Sting, and now its ready to rock and roll. I was glad to wait for the dikoting process, it strenghtens the ceramics, plus it makes it easy to clean. It worked real well on it's first field test, poor bastard never saw it coming. Next time they give intel out it will be correct and won't cost a life. That finished up the last of my personal business, and I called Claudia to let her know. She was suprised to hear from me, and said she could use someone with my skills. Luckly for me I did't burn all my bridges, but like she said I'm a unknown, she going to start me working with fresh talent. I hope I live up to her expections. I think she will be pleasantly suprised with my work.

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