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American Valor the Sentinel Of LibertyAmerican Valor

Sentinel Of Liberty

Secret ID: FBSA Agent: Lxnder Flagg

Height 6' 4", Weight 235 lbs.

Quote: E Pluribus Unum: Out of many, One. It doesn't make the many less valid, or the one less important.

Physical Description: 28 year old male, short Ice style Brown hair, green eyes, broad shoulders, strong features with a very imposing muscular build, ( 4% Body Fat & 24" biceps ) incredibly handsome with a light tan complexion.

Known Powers: Lx is a trained athlete who also appears to have defenseability of being nearly Invulnerability, for short periods of time. He has developed his fighting skills, and other mental abilities as was expected with the G.E.N.I.U.S. Formula.

Appearance: (Hero ID) Golden Age Hero costume, Royal Blue, field of white stars running along rightside across back down leftside, he has a circle of stars surrounding a lg star on his chest. White Tactical belt with gold buckle, with red folded knee high boots and red elbow length gauntlets.

Appearance: (Secret ID) Lx appears as a serious looking person in a nice dark suit and "Milspec" Sunglasses who's standing off to the side trying to look as inconspicuous as possible due to his imposing physique, or in jeans and T-shirt when not working.

Psychological Quirks: Lx believes in the ideas & values: of being a "true" superhero, in the country, and in the government of the United States. He does not believe in killing to solve problems, and feels that only a villain would cause a death of an innocent. He will always come back for anyone who is left behind no matter what. He feels he has to be as great a hero as his father was and live up to the reputation of being a superhero's hero.

Origin: American Valor was originally Roger Flagg who along with Miss Justice were test subjects for the original Project Fighting Hero. They were exposed to and given the Flagg Bio-Agent #17 G.E.N.I.U.S. Formula [ Genetically Energize Neuromuscular Irradiate Ultraviolet Steroids ] which transformed all test subjects into very tough and strong individuals. Combat skills, and abilities must still be taught but are learned at an incredible rate hence the name genius. However, the Flagg Bio-Agent was considered too dangerous to mass produce. Before a larger batch could be created, the lab was destroyed in a freak military accident. All information was said to be lost along with most of the personnel involved in Project Fighting Hero.

After the war American Valor and Miss Justice were married, years later they started a family. Lxnder Flagg was born on 18th of May and named after his mothers grandfather. He was raised and trained by both parents. Lx was studied by some of the top men in the nation. The conclusion was that he had developed most of his parent's abilities and was equivalent to any professional athlete, like his brothers and sister. His father was training him to become the next American Valor since he was retired. Lx had been in Mexico working for FBSA when the Rikti Invasion started. His parents once agained donned their garb and joined the assault aganist the Rikti. They entered the vortex to help stop the invasion, Those heros who entered never returned. Lx learned about his parents death from the Vice-President after he returned to Washington D.C. Using his resources he joined his Brother Nick now a scientist working in Paragon City in the recreation of the G.E.N.I.U.S. Formula. Nick discovered the missing data was found in their own DNA sequence. He then recreated the formula and the entire family underwent treatment and developed Superpowers. Project Fighting Hero was reborn. Lx told his family, that American Valor would once again protect this country. Donning the name and a improved costume created by Nick, Lx has now dedicated himself to being a natural superhero's hero. He works for Federal Bureau of Superpowered Affairs in special operations in both his id's now.