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Paragon City Justice Data File: Kid Valor aka Seith Flagg

::Alert alert.... Password Requested... Password Accepted ....file encrypted....initiating decryption...Begin::

Kid Valor

Public ID: Seith Flagg aka Kid Valor Inc. Stuntman

Quote: It's Showtime!

Physical Description: 20 year old male, Height 6' Weight 205 lbs. short bluish black hair, glowing blue eyes, broad shoulders, strong features with a very imposing muscular build, ( 7% Body Fat & 25" biceps ) incredibly handsome with a light tan complexion.

Psychological Profile of Seith Flagg, aka Kid Valor:
Seith will always come back for anyone who is left behind no matter what. Seith loves to fight, hang around. He has a moral sense instilled in him. He feels the need to be as great a hero as his brothers are and live up to the reputation of being a superhero's hero. He doesn't really remember his parents, an apparent side affect of his injury which was documented shortly after he attended school. His profile is currently active and to be updated regularly.

Known Powers: Seith is a trained athlete and stuntman who also appears to have defensibility of being nearly Invulnerability, for short periods of time. He has developed his fighting skills, and other mental abilities as was expected with the G.E.N.I.U.S. Formula.

Appearance: (Hero ID) New Age Hero costume, Royal Blue Cargo pants, field of white stars running along legs, he has an armored mesh muscle t-shirt with a lg star on his chest. Flash Resistance Multispectrum Vision Glasses, White Tactical belt with gold buckle, with black combat boots and blue fingertipless gloves.

Appearance: (Hero ID) Golden Age Hero costume, Royal Blue, field of white stars running along rightside across back down leftside, Flash Resistance Multispectrum Vision Glasses, Gold and White Tactical belt with gold buckle, with gold knee high boots and gold elbow length gauntlets.

Appearance: (Normal ID)Seith appears as a serious looking person in a nice dark suit and Sunglasses with a radio wire in his ear, who's standing off to the side trying to look as inconspicuous as possible due to his imposing physique, or in jeans and T-shirt when not working.

Origin: Seith Flagg was a test subject for the Improved Project Fighting Hero. He was exposed to and given the Flagg Bio-Agent #18 G.E.N.I.U.S. Formula [Genetically Energize Neuromuscular Irradiate Ultraviolet Steroids ] which transformed him into very tough and strong individuals. Seiths combat skills and abilities were taught and learned at an incredible rate hence the name genius.

Secret Origin: the Flagg Bio-Agent is directly tied to the families DNA and Rikti Tech. Nicholas Flagg attempt to recreate the perfect fighting formula had a unique side effect it created life, in the form of a genetic soldier, One he could not, would not destroy. Using memory emgrams and templates and rapid growth acceleration what would have taken a life time to create was completed in a day. The young man of 17 climbed out of the healing chamber, and asked who he was. Nicholas replied Your Seith, Seith Flagg, You were hurt and I just finished healing you. I'm your brother Nicholas. Glad to have you back in the family......

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