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It is with great sadness that we must say goodbye to our loyal compatriot and fellow runner Gypsy who died in the service of Claudia this weekend 12092063. Unfortunately, the ceremony will be closed casket as his body was completely and utterly vaporized by orbital lasers. He gave his life freely to help protect his team members and to achieve the mission goals by remaining behind and insuring that the enemy was distracted long enough for destruction...May God convey his soul to a better place...

With a small tear in his eye... that's right even Flambe can have a moment of sadness... I have a hard time believing what was said but it came from the Tyger's mouth. I can't believe after all of the time and enjoyable moments that Gypsy would be killed so easily... I'm saddened that I was not there so save Gypsy as he had done for me in the past so many of times... it was a strange relation ship we had. ::: Flambe reflecting ::: We were a strange pair that worked wonders together as a team. Gypsy would blast the mages and I would take out the Street Sam. scum. We did amazing things together going places that no runner should have been able to get to with out some type of wound to remember it by, but we did it. Flambe has an offer for the student of and or family of Gypsy, 50,000 nuyen for all that Gypsy has helped has given Flambe and a place for rest for Gypsy's body... only the best will 20,000 nuyen do? Flambe signing out... slot on Gypsy.

In Memory of Gypsy: Where do I start? Wu would say I should begin with the beginning. His stories made sense to me. I guess that's all I have of Gypsy now, I miss him so .....

Let me tell you a little about Gypsy. He was born in Aztlan to the Diaz family of traditional farmers. I believe, he was born under a black cloud. I believes in karma, he wished he could. While he was growing up his family was caught in a crossfire during a civil war land dispute between Aztechnology and Ares Macrotechnology. He barely escaped and was shuffled from family to family until he wound up at BioChem Weapons Research Facility where they took him in and raised him. Dr. Pena just need a test subject. Dr. Wu Yjun was his primary mentor. Wu took care of Him, Gypsy always felt safe around him. Wu instructed him in the martial arts of Muay Thai to help focus Gypsy's energy. Researcher Margarita Ensenada taught most of his other studies. Without her he wouldn't have been able to read. Dr. Maria Pena and her staff were responsible for all of the genetic research conducted on him. Gypsy hated her for a long time. Wu explained it was necessary, To this day he still hates her. All in all I guess they did the best they could since he was picked up to be a test subject/company man. I think he hate the corps more than he hated Dr. Pena, maybe. BioChem was working on a proto-type Battlesuit Exoskeleton-Frame and the pilot. They were hoping to sell the whole working proto-type to the highest bidder including Gypsy as the pilot. What else should he have expected from Dr. Pena.

Master Wu Yjun though of Gypsy as his own son, he felt the same way. Wu knew that Gypsy had been kept on the research facility too long. He was always restless looking to start trouble just so he could field his oats. To this end Wu started to make arrangement to get him out of Aztlan and into the C.A.S. to a rigger friend of his. Wu wanted Gypsy to complete his training, for him, and so the facility would have a bargaining chip should negotiation go bad. Wu was always a straight shooter with Gypsy. Wu removed most of the physical data about Gypsy from the system, just referring to him as the pilot. Wu contacted a chummer from way back to arrange transport to get Him out of there. Gypsy overheard Wu arguing with Dr. Pena about his leaving for awhile. She didn't want Gypsy to go, He was the working data, He was the property of the corp, she said. Gypsy interrupted them and told her she couldn't stop him if he wanted to go, and she knew it, but she could try.

A couple days later Aztechnology is breathing down their necks. There's a leak about the research. Aztechnology decided they wanted this information before it fell into the hands of one of there competitors or the traditionalist. Gypsy thinks Dr. Pena sold them out, Normal Corp as usual. Azzies sent in their normal company men too. He heard them telling the staff they were just bought. The facility security and staff told them to frag off or else. Then all hell broke loose, Azzie hostile take over as normal. During the incident Wu Yjun told him to vanish and he would contact with him later. Due to his training and enhancements Gypsy was able to escape, but not before he took care of some personnal business with Dr. Pena. He told me the look on her face was priceless when she got to see him in action, up close and personal. To bad she didn't suffer half as much as he did during the treatments. Gypsy never received word from anyone. He hit the shadow-market fast connecting up with an old input Enigma a freelance reporter who was out at the facility quite often, she's an import. Import or not she is hot. Enigma exposed him to and help him make the kind of contacts he could only dream of. While running the Aztlan shadows Gypsy established himself with Koda, a Fixer and was able to acquire some wiz gear. Enigma and Koda gave him his street name: Gypsy (because no one could ever find him.) Enigma had to return to Seattle she had gotten singed on a run, told him if he ever got up that way to look her up. Enigma also gave Gypsy a list of names to call if he ever needed anything and was afraid to bring heat her way. Koda was miffed when she found out that he and Enigma had a thing as well. She got over it quick since they were best friends. Who knew? (I would have but that's a different story.) Gypsy continued to run Aztlan shadows until he heard that some Azzies were looking for some new talent with special implants. His friends reconnoiter their operation and found out that most of the Facility staff for Bio-Chem Weapons had been killed during the appropriation and that almost all of the research data was recovered by the Azzies. Gypsy decided that Tenochtitlan was getting to hot and took off. He worked his way to the west coast outside of San Diego. There he met Haetera a simsense starlett on her way up to superstardom. She hired him as her bodyguard. (Have you seen any of her sims? What a body to guard the best nuyen could buy.) Unlike all you deckheads Gypsy never needed simgear. (Which is just how I like it.) RCA-Unisys told him it was time to join the corp or to hit the bricks, at least they were nice about it(he still hated corps). Gypsy took off and told Haetera he was heading to Seattle. She said she would see him there sometime. Then Gypsy stowed away on a ship heading to Seattle, The SS Khong Hut Thuoc from the Canton Confederation. Then Gypsy jumped ship in the Seattle Harbor and swam to the docks. As he climbed up Gypsy saw a street kid trapped under several pallets which had just been pushed down on her by some trogs who were trying to get her dog. He wasted them quick with the help of some guy who showed up out of nowhere. From what Gypsy could tell he was running naked except for his link. The guy wasn't quite right said his handle was Jose. Cookie the street kid told them that the trogs wanted to eat her dog Fluffy. She thanked them both and showed them to a flophouse run by her friend Smith a dwarf. Gypsy got cleaned up and dried off, then they ate. He didn't know what it was but is was hot. Gypsy talked to Jose for along time, turns out he's a bartender at Club Penumbra a very hot spot in Seattle. (That's where I met Gypsy.) Cookie took off, Smith talked to Jose quickly then left. Jose asked if he could meet up with Gypsy back here later? Gypsy said sure, then Jose bolted. Gypsy dropped a line to Enigma and Haetera and told them where they could reach him. He had gotten a room from Smith. When Gypsy got up there was a message to meet with Enigma. She was hurt and needed some help. She was held up in some place called the Barrens. Smith was just getting in when Gypsy ask him if he knew where the Barrens were? Smith said yes. Gypsy was forced to trust him, Enigma needed his help. They reach her just as some troll tried to finish her. Gypsy on him like a flash; elbow to the nose, kick to the knee, then.... BLAM, a well placed shot from Smith. Turns out Smith knows Enigma. Disneyworld isn't. Smith ask Gypsy about Muay Thai. Gypsy tried to show him a couple of moves and explain them like Wu would have. Smith doesn't seem to be getting it, his legs are too short. Wu always told Gypsy that he had to work on his patience. They all take off, and drop Enigma at her safe house. She tells Gypsy that Smith is chilled and Its frosty to hang with him, He's a retired Merc. Gypsy give Smith his transceiver channel in case he needs to reach him. Smith takes off, later he calls Gypsy and tells him that he wants him to meet a Decker chummer of his named Claudia. Claudia looking for some fresh talent. Then Smith tells Gypsy that Dantes Inferno is like Tejas, that wiz. Gypsy check into some hotel across the street from the club. The room he's was in was bigger than the house that the girls had in Tlahuac. No wonder Enigma came back is what he told me. Gypsy like Seattle, I cann't help but wonder if Claudia was wrong. That was over seven years ago, funny thing is now Wu is here and he's helping me keep it real. Wu helped fill in the gap in Gypsy's life. Gypsy was always looking for that final big score, then we would get married and retire. I'm going to miss him....

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