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OPS Holorecord of Lx Nder Drake

OPS Holorecord of Lx Nder Drake

To Crosstown Cantina
Holo-Image File.... image found Name: Lx Nder Drake
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Skin: olive tan complexion
Eyes: storm grey-blue
Hair: jet black hair is cut short and neat.

Lx Nder Drake a decorated hero of the Cularin system died in a starship explosion. He is surivived by his wife Cularin Militia Officer Major Tendarea Tenderheart Drake, and his cousin Thule Drake.

Personal Information Record
Holorecorder active....begin update TNI Drake File transmission.....::
New Information:
Holofile Closed will be deactivated No further investigation.
....end transmission.....

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Lx's local hangout: The Cantina
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