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My mentor has requested me to keep a log of some type, I asked him why and he threw me across the floor. Not many breeders could do that then again my mentor in not just any breeder.Here goes I hope youse all gleen something from this.

For as long as I can remember I have always lived in the underground. If you need to know something it completely different that above. Downunder we make our own laws and ways. On the slide some stupid breeder will get him or herself gacked and the star shows up with DocWagon HRT to pick up the remains then they round up whoever is in the area. That how my Bro became a star. They needed some Metas to assist them as he likes to put it. Most of the family wont talk to him they think he's a sellout, not me it gives him three cubes a day and he get to break heads all legal like. I figure if this shadow thing doesn't panout I might just try to follow his lead, but I'll become a Guardmans.

I guess I should tell you something about me. If youse haven't figured it out I'm a troll, all 3 meters and 239 kilo. Nothing but pure muscle. However brute force doesn't work all the time and thats when my brethern call me. I try to show them all the way, but sometimes its lost on them. Still once I found the way, my path became clear. Some of you chummers may have seen me when I was still learnin I tried my hand at sports, you may remember I was the goalie for the seattle slugs. Played out a whole season, before I met her, she changed my life. Lot of youse know her she helps pay the bills, I'd work for her for free if she needed, cause she helped both me and my bro. Thats all youse need to know.

If you are reading this then you are looking for some extra muscle, thats ok by me, just know that violence begets violence, so I always try to talk first, it saves on bullets. Plus my mentor and our patron don't like to much collateral damage. Just ask for Trashman, I'll be waiting for you in the shadows.

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